So, if adoption is painful, what are women to do who truly have no resources to parent their child? My friend, Claudia, over at Musings of the Lame is trying to build up a nationwide database of pregnancy resources to help mother keep and parent their children. Claudia is asking anyone and everyone to help her build this state by state list. No woman should be forced to be separated from her child simply for financial reasons. Please head on over to Musings of the Lame and send Claudia what information you have for your city, county or state. Alternatively, you could tweet to Claudia @FauxClaud. Whatever you have to do, just get her the information you have!

I am also in the process of trying to start a charitable organization for family preservation that would allow me to help women as well. I would love for this to be a nationwide effort. Some of the things that will be immediately needed are baby clothes, baby furniture, bottles, diapers, baby wipes, formula, toys.  I would like to start “chapters” so there is no cost for shipping. I already have a list of people in different states that are willing to meet with mothers in crisis (for vetting purposes) and gather items to keep with them to help women in their states. If you would like to add your name to the list for your city, county or state (and are willing to meet and vet mothers, gather and store baby items and other resources) then please leave a comment here so I can reach out to you and add you to my log. When we run into a woman in a crisis pregnancy situation I will then be able to, based on her location, pull out my list of volunteers and contact the right person to get the mother moving in the right direction. Of course monetary donations to help with utilities, rent, child care, etc are always welcome but I have not yet established myself as a charity organization as this is in it’s very first stages and is just coming into conception.

2 thoughts on “Crisis Pregnancy Resources – Volunteers Needed – UPDATED

  1. I like you idea. I live in Corpus Christi Texas. Right now I don’t have the resources at hand but I will be doing some research on the situation here. I’m in the middle of a medical situation right now but after January I will be in a better condition to help in any way I can. I can be reached at loujeanstauffer@live.com


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