The Dark Place- PART 1 – Down The Rabbit Hole

Yes, this. Totally this.

Adoption: Second Generation Birthmom


*This is Part 1 of a 3 Part post. *


Adoption, and the range of emotions encompassing the word and experience can be difficult to write on. It means so many things to so many people. My experience, for the most part, has been challenging to put it mildly. Ever since the day I signed those papers, I have struggled. I have struggled to trust, I have struggled to believe and have faith, and I have struggled at times, to live, when all I wished for was an end to the ever present pain of birthmotherhood.

When an expectant mother signs a contract with  a prospective adoptive couple to have an open adoption, the parties involved become an extended family of sorts. At least this is what a new birthmother is lead to believe. She goes home with empty arms and a heart…

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