Operation Matthew 6:25-34

Welcome to one of the most coercive pre-adoptive stories you will ever read. Take a seat and prepare to look through a “story book” that defines coercion and duress in expectant mothers. I almost titled this post “Faces of Adoption Coercion: Level Infinity.”

Meet Tuesday Laine Watson and her husband, Josh. Tuesday is very young, in her 20’s and is hoping to adopt a young woman’s baby when it is born this May. Someone she knew from her past, according to Tuesday’s public Facebook profile. However, Tuesday didn’t get the memo that she is a “hopeful” adoptive parent. She has already bestowed upon herself the title of “mother” to a baby yet to be born. For months now. Complete with parking in expectant mother parking spaces, having an elaborate baby shower, naming the baby, and posting about “her” child all over the inter webs. 

To make matters worse, Tuesday is friends with this expectant mother on Facebook and she sees all these posts. Shoot, Tuesday even tags her in some. Posts about how selfless her “birth” mom is (even though she is not yet a birthmom). Posts about how this emom is giving her this tremendous gift. You know. Posts that would make this emom, we’ll call her Sunday (Keeping in theme with the days of the week), feel a gut wrenching guilt should she decide she would indeed like to parent HER baby. Because Tuesday has already laid claim to this baby and leaves little room for Sunday to do the same. 

Tuesday has made it vehemently clear that SHE is the mother to this child and not Sunday. Sunday is simply the vessel of birth. 

I could go on for ages about the need for adoption education in Tuesday’s life for the sake of this child should she indeed adopt her. But anyone reading this will already know what I mean when I’m done. 

I’ll let Tuesday’s words speak for themselves. 

Fundraising for adoption fees instead of to help a mother keep her child and not face immense heartbreak the rest of her life.
Photo of expectant mother “Sunday”
She “deserves” a baby.
Photo courtesy of Facebook
Photo courtesy of Facebook

Still with me?

Some questions. 

How is Sunday supposed to back out of this if she decides she wants to parent? She has been reading these things for months. I would speculate that she thinks God doesn’t want her to have her baby and to hurt Tuesday by parenting her child means she would not be doing right by God. 

How can Sunday make an informed decision with no one guiding her or exploring other options with her?

How is this even happening? 

Dear Tuesday,

You deleted the comment I left on your blog. You silenced my voice. How long before you silence Sunday’s? It appears you believe you are entitled to her child. From past experiences I’ve found that usually leads to any kind of open adoption closing since the adoptive mother’s insecurities supersede the needs of the adopted child. Have you even researched how to parent an adopted child?

Since you decided to silence me on YOUR blog, I’ve decided that I will speak my peace on MINE. 

Here is the comment I left that you would not approve. View the blog post this comment was intended for HERE.

Or here:


“You’re right. God doesn’t make mistakes. And he certainly doesn’t plan for another woman to suffer lifelong immeasurable pain to fulfill the selfish desires of another woman. No, he doesn’t do that. God makes provisions in the Bible for women who are struggling. He commands others to care for them, not help themselves to their babies. 

Nowhere in the Bible will you find an instance of a woman planning to give her unborn child to another woman because she is poor. Modern day domestic infant adoption doesn’t exist in the Bible. Because God doesn’t facilitate or plan this. 

No, what you should be doing is helping this mother keep her baby. You know, the mother you say you care about so much. But you only care about her if you get her baby. 

Look in the mirror. Bette yet, listen to what God is telling you. Because he isn’t telling you to help this pregnant mother by taking her baby. Gods plan doesn’t involve pain like that for her.

His plan doesn’t involve pain like that for you, either. But while there is nothing you can do to resolve the pain of infertility, there is something you can do to save this mother, and her child, the lifelong pain of separation. 

You worry you won’t be enough. I’ll answer that for you right now. You won’t be. An adopted child will always straddle two worlds, never FULLY belonging to either. They will see the life they should have had and the life they were given. And they will struggle. You can never be enough because every adoption begins with a loss. Every. Single. One. The loss of the adoptees first family and the loss of the child to the first family. 

If you really truly believe in Gods plan you know what he says about taking care of the poor and needy. 

Is this unborn child’s life in danger?

Will this unborn child be a true orphan (both of his parents will be deceased)?

Will this unborn child be in physical danger if she stays with her mother?

If the answer is “no” to these questions this is not Gods plan. 

Help this mother KEEP her baby. 

Or at least admit God has nothing to do with it. You want a baby. You don’t care what God commands you to do. The least you could do is be honest. 

One day you’ll have to answer for it. And when He asks you why you manipulated His word for your own selfish desires what will you answer?”


So what is Operation Matthew 6:25-34? 

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42 thoughts on “Operation Matthew 6:25-34

  1. Reading this made me SO FEARFUL for this expectant mother. No matter what even if she WANTS to change her mind after seeing and feeling the biological bond that a mother in crisis tells herself doesn’t exist so she can easily give her baby to strangers, she won’t be able to due to the immense and VERY PUBLIC pressure she will be under from Tuesday and Josh, everyone on their Facebook, in their church and all of their family & friends.
    This is a nightmare and this mother has NO WAY OUT!! This left me reading at many points with my mouth agape at certain points, for example 1) the amount of shower gifts which makes pregnant mom feel “less than” because of stuff. 2) Tuesday & Josh have to fundraise for as LITTLE as $3,000, something that the pregnant mother would be shamed for 3) how Tuesday has NOT properly (or EVEN AT ALL) addressed and grieved her infertility, and that this in and of itself will be the reason it will turn out BAD, VERY VERY BAD, and who will it be bad for…..this baby!!!

    When Tuesday is holding this baby girl while she screams for her mother until her tiny newborn spirit breaks and she is forced to give in to drinking formula that she doesn’t want (she wants her Mother’s milk as it is made specially for her), Tuesday will feel the insecurity of knowing she is not her mother. When the baby grows to a 5-6 year old, and (if) the adoption is still open and this little girl will ask why she can’t go home with her mommy and siblings, Tuesday will again feel the insecurities of not being her mother, or being able to give siblings to this baby & feeling competition with the biological pull, this child will suffer.

    This child will feel all of this while growing, and know not to ask for her natural family, to not ever bring it up becsuse she will hurt her adoptive mommy.

    This situation is NOT about this unborn child.

    It is ALL ABOUT TUESDAY, and again, that is never a good adoption scenario.

    If this pregnant mom would like help, please reach out to me. This is one of the most publicly coercive situations I have ever seen. This mother has NO CHOICE and this is ALL WRONG.

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  2. Reblogged this on wsbirthmom and commented:
    I have never over the last 6 years seen anything as publicly coercive as this. This is not what should happen. There is ZERO acknowledgement of this mother-to-be’s painful reality that she feels she is not enough. It is ALL ABOUT the adoptive parents, not the baby at all. It is heartbreaking. This is infant adoption.

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  3. Adoption is NOT an answer to infertility. That is an intense burden to place on an innocent baby. An adoption is a contract that an adoptee never entered into, but they suffer the most. It is made on their behalf and without their consent. No one ever explained the terms & conditions to them. Sadly adoption is not about creating families. To create the illusion of that “happy family”, first they need to destroy one. Further evidence that adoption is not really about the adoptee, it’s all done according to what adopters want. The adults who are doing it for the right reasons will not insist upon ownership of a child in order to love & care for them. This would be an excellent screening tool to filter out the applicants who should not be adopting at all. We need to start listening to the ones affected the most… the adoptees. You cannot possibly understand what adoption, loss of identity, loss of family and grief does, unless you’ve been there.

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  4. Adoption has become more about finding babies for adults who want them, rather than finding families for children who need them.

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  5. I am sick with grief reading this. I am sickened by a Church that feeds and perpetuates this woman’s delusions. A woman who needs counseling for her loss in regards to infertility. When is the Church going to confront this behavior?!

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  6. I gave up my son. We already have 6 between us and it seemed, in everyone’s opinion, to be the responsible decision. I ran out of the hospital the day they let me leave sobbing. It’s been almost a year and I still cry almost every night. Our adoption is open and I can say without hesitation, that if the guilt of “what will they think” didn’t exist, my son would be with me today. It’s an impossible situation to be in and my heart aches for “Sunday”.

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  7. Back when my sister and I were adopted (1961, 1964) prospective parents were not counselled to grieve their losses before adopting. They were told that babies were like blank slates. We would be “as if born to” them or “just like their own biological children.” However the older we grew the more apparent our genetic dissimilarity became. Ironically the very children who had been a panacea for their infertility became a living, daily reminder of it. As a result they tried to extend our infancy as long as they could, denying us the opportunity for healthy growth and independence for a long time. My adoptive mother also felt guilty about taking me away from my biological mother. She tried to justify it as a rescue but it still caused her trouble. She developed an irrational fear that someone was going to abduct me. As I grew older she feared she would lose me in other ways. When a woman takes someone else’s child she experiences insecurity. Someone else could take that child from her and she knows it. She feels a need to be vigilant. These burdens are heavy to carry for anyone and there is no easy way out of it. She counsels people not to adopt and instead to accept what the Lord has given them. One day she was gently rocking my infant son and I saw tears running down her cheeks. “They are so sweet . . .” she said hoarsely. She shook her head at me because she didn’t want me to see her crying. I felt sad too. We gained and we lost, but adoption didn’t fix the pain of infertility. It just didn’t. It became a heavy yoke and a burden.
    “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. My yoke is easy and my burden light.” Matt. 11:28-30.

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  8. To the writer of this article:
    Or should I say the horrible excuse of a Christian. I hope that you know that once you are present with the father you know that you will have to answer for the things that you have written and published about Tuesday. I don’t know her from a stranger on the street but I do know that you are the reason the church is frowned upon. In no way are you bringing awareness to the cause that you are talking about which by writing this article you are sinning for completely destroying someone. In my opinion and if it was me you should and could be sued for deformation of character. You are showing your ignorance and downright disrespect for another human being that you seem to not even know. My heart absolutely breaks for a woman who longs to be a mother. I hope that God floods your heart with more guilt and puts a burden on your heart like you have never had before. I pray God brings you to your knees begging for forgiveness for doing this to a woman who has absolutely done nothing to you. As a Christian mom I will be praying for a change of heart and some sense of moral compass for your heart, because honestly you have absolutely none. From what I have understood “Sunday” is the one who approached Tuesday knowing she was struggling with infertility. I honestly did not think there was evil like you that existed in this word but I have obviously been mistaken.


    1. You who stands in judgment of me – I am totally right by my God. He smiles upon the work I do. Keeping families together, not exploiting them for the selfish desires of the human flesh. Me and God are good. And when you meet the Father you’ll see. I sleep peacefully at night knowing those who do injustices to the weakest among us are held accountable.

      And unlike Miss Tuesday, I won’t silence your opinion. However wrong I believe it is. I’ll pray for YOU, for Sunday, and for that innocent baby who has no choice in any of this. Shutting out the voices {see victims} of those who have walked this path for years or their whole life is wrong. Continue to put blinders on and see how that works out for you in 10, 20 or even 50 years.

      Yes, I sleep well at night knowing I am not victimizing a woman in a vulnerable position. A woman who needs help, not someone who wants to help in exchange for giving them her baby. James 1:27

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      1. Well like I said you should and could be sued for deformation of character. The internet can’t be erased and what you have done to this woman can’t be erased. You’ll stand judgement and answer for how wicked you have been and I can promise you that he will not “smile” at the “work” you have done to destroy people. The “work” you have done will not be put the jewels in your crown but sent through the fire instead. And yes, you are victimizing a woman in a vulnerable situation. Speaking of needing help you need help for searching for people to blog about and destroy.


      2. And you are the reason that Sunday couldn’t change her mind if she wanted to. This would be the backlash she would get from the likes of you. Sunday isn’t required to give anyone a baby. No matter how much they want it. No matter how entitled Tuesday feels to it. No matter if Sunday approached her. This is HER baby. Not Tuesday’s. You are the reason I do what I do. Anyone in the world could have looked at Tuesday’s profile and come to the same conclusion.

        Judge not lest ye be judged thyself.

        You are not my God. I don’t answer to you. No matter how many comments you leave here.

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      3. I assure you that it is not ME who gives the church a bad name. Look in the mirror. You’ve said your peace and I’ve grown tired of arguing with you. This will be the last comment approved. If you’d like to be featured in the next article feel free to email me and we’ll set up and interview.

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      4. And maybe Tuesday should have thought about that whole “internet can’t be erased” thing before she blasted all of this to the world. Indeed it can’t be erased. As is exampled here.

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      1. Yes she does. Chelci, your friends list isn’t private. I also do search angel work for adoptees to find their families. It didn’t take much to find you and your associations.

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      2. I know my friends list isn’t private, I have followed the story of this woman for a long time. She has an amazing testimony! Do I know her, no, I have never spoken with her, just admired her from afar. Admired her strength and prayed for her and her heart breaking journey of infertility. Like you have obviously followed her (or stalked), I have admired her.


      3. Actually I am not a fool. I do not know her, sorry you think I do. I was following her story of adoption via social media but since people like you who are in a deep demented cult that try to ruin people’s lives she has since seemed to delete all of her social media. But thanks for jumping to conclusions and trying to make up lies. I also hope your heart is stormed with burden and guilt for what you have put this woman through. I will also be praying for you.


      1. So glad you know my life, and the people I know on a personal basis. No liar here, just admired Tuesday from afar. Hope your stalking of others and the trolling you do suits you well. I know my heart and my relationship with my God.


    2. Why don’t YOU give Tuesday YOUR baby. You can conceive. If it’s God’s will a baby be separated from their mother, for Tuesday to be a mother, get pregnant and give your child to Tuesday. Wouldn’t that be the loving Christian thing to do? I mean since you’re such a perfect Christian. Right? Get thee behind me Satan.

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      1. Wait. Why does she have psychological issues? She’s only asking you to do the same thing you’re asking Sunday to do. I don’t understand. So by your thought process Tuesday has psychological issues too then? So we agree.

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      2. Not one bit, if you read Tuesday’s blogs she was struggling with infertility and was approached by the birth mom, so maybe you and your cult should do your research. I see you probably have a lot of regret in your life but trying to ruin someone else’s life is no way to deal with your issues. I don’t get why you would do this to another woman.


      3. 1) She isn’t a birthmom. She’s an expectant mom. She won’t become a birthmom until her rights are terminated. They aren’t.
        2) I don’t care if she approached her. Tuesday is in the position of power here. She should be making it ABUNDANTLY clear that she can change her mind with no hard feelings. Instead her actions make it so this mother cannot change her mind without being made to feel worthless, guilty, and as if she will offend God. Nothing could be further from the truth.
        3) The only regret I have in my life is listening and believing people like you.

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    3. The life long pain and suffering, the refret of surrendering a child can never be compared to the pain of being barren. There are thousands of children who are in Foster care, or who have lost their real parents who need homes.
      Tuesday doesn’t even consider those children.
      Adoption in the USA is a money game, birth mothers are lied to, coerced and manipulated by the adoption industry. They’re made to feel they couldn’t possibly parent a child because they don’t have the money, or they’re unwed, or from the “wrong side of the tracks”.
      Adoption does not lessen the rates of abortion. Any crisis pregnancy can end in abortion, but birth mothers don’t choose abortion, and they wouldn’t choose abortion even if adoption was not available. Abortion is also a cash industry, and women are fed the same lies, manipulated the same way, and for the same reasons that potential birth mothers are.
      Tuesday, with or without knowing, is guilty of extreme manipulation of Sunday. No birth mother ever relinquished her child in her heart, mind or soul before they’re born. They can’t. You’ve given birth, and you are fully aware of the effects of actually seeing and holding your child after birth, and you know it doesn’t compare to the feelings of carrying them for 9 months. Tuesday has taken away Sunday’s freedom of choice by creating such guilt at the thought of changing her mind, and Sunday has no idea what she is really relinquishing.
      Your attacks on this Blogger, who is trying to prevent the life long anguish that she suffers from happening to other potential birth mothers, is deplorable.
      Mary was an unwed mother. She carried Jesus under her heart before she ever wed. She was poor, she was outcast by society, and she certainly was confused. But God had a plan. Today, Mary would be that unwed mother that society considers a poor choice to parent a child.
      You need to stop bloviating and read the thoughts of birth mothers and adoptees who are suffering.
      There is a place for adoption. But it’s not for couples who want a fresh new baby, but for children who NEED a home.
      Tuesday can find what she’s longing for if she stopped thinking of herself and started thinking about children who need a mom and dad.
      You were the one who was quick to judge, quick to condemn. You’ve never given a child up. And though it is heartbreaking to want children and not be able, it is millions of times more heartbreaking to give a child up.
      Tuesday can have a family, but she wants a child for HER, not because she wants to give a child in need a loving home.
      You need to search your own heart. The comments you made to a suffering birth mom are inexcusable and hateful.

      Psalm 127:3

      “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.”

      All children are a gift from our Father, we don’t give gifts from God away.

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    4. You said you wouldn’t know her if you saw her on the street. Thats a lie. You follow her on Facebook. You’ve seen her face and followed her story. You continue to lie. Her testimony isn’t remarkable. She can’t have kids. Remarkable would be God healing her. Her story is a disgusting profile of a woman so desperate to own another woman’s child, she never once considers how the expectant mother feels. Tuesday is too immature and selfish to be a mother to any child, even her own flesh and blood.


  9. I’m reeling from the jaw-dropping, narcissistic perceptions by an infertile woman/child. Yes, Tuesday’s rampant, deep seated insecurities will follow her into her pseudo motherhood as she defines herself as a producer for her husband. I am so sickened by the concept of any GOD making this happen for a desperate woman. Of course Tuesday is required to delete dissent . Just look at all the support she’s getting from the naive family and friends around her. I want to cry, but I am burning with anger by her words and her milquetoast, compliant husband and the people who condone, support and provide newborn necessities along with a funding campaign to raise money for payment to the frickin’ adoption lawyer – scourge of humanity. Tuesday seems to have lost her sense of reality, has spiraled into a psychotic split as she believes she deserves an expectant mother’s parking space. Listen carefully, Tuesday. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that will make you this baby’s mother. You will be her caretaker and continue to hide from your own infertility issues which you are running away from by thoughtlessly, obsessively and sickeningly sharing your needy neediness with the world as you attempt to possess another woman’s infant. This baby cannot FIX infertility trauma between you and hubby. I have a strong sense that Josh intuits this already. I’m disgusted to read that this crap is still going on in our current society and culture. The narcissism is palpable. Not one word, not one question of genuine concern, no discussion between the three of you that this very likely will turn out to be the WORST REGRET of this mother’s life; that time will pass and her pain will not LESSEN as promised, but grow and fester, harm family and future relationships including FUTURE CHILDREN, and make her so crazy at times with helplessness from the suffering experienced by the immediate usurpation of her motherhood. Tuesday, where is GOD in yourself that obligates you to ask this Mother as to how you and Hubby can help her keep this baby by offering to fundraiser selling Tee Shirts for Mom and Baby staying together. Just think: thousands of dollars saved, no attorney required. On the contrary, Tuesday is experiencing AUTHENTIC and and NATURAL terror of the possibility that this mother may CHANGE her MIND and realize it’s all a very BAD MISTAKE to GIVE AWAY her flesh and blood to desperate strangers. Yes, it is in the DNA Tuesday as it has been proven in utero the fetus is already attached to its mother and will look for her in birth. I’m 73, and I still mourn for my daughter, even after reunion. I’m crying so hard now….

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  10. P.S. The WIC Program, I understand, is a government food program for mothers of low or no income designed to provide necessary formula and food for infants and babies. The Watson’s, it seems, are eligible for this program! The Watson’s also need to raise funds for an adoption attorney. It appears from Tuesday’s blog that they may very well themselves struggle financially to
    provide for another woman’s baby. This same issue has been used to manipulate “unwed” mothers as justification for giving away their babies to strangers for whom all financial support will be met Please someone, help me understand this new math.

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    1. It sounds like the only thing Tuesday has that Sunday doesn’t is a husband. And if anything happened to that husband, what do you think the chances are that now single Tuesday would selflessly hand the baby over to a couple who can give her the complete family Tuesday is convinced she deserves. Honestly, I’m no fan of newborn adoption especially with pre birth matching but by the sounds of it anyone would make a better mother than Sunday who is still so caught up in her failings as a wife, especially since it’s a little girl. CMarie

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  11. I doubt Narcissistic Tuesday will post my comment either, but here it is (kinda long):

    “She starts to see her belly grow wondering how she will provide for this child growing inside her.”

    Is that what is happening in this situation? Grace would be HELPING this expectant mother, easing her worries, by OFFERING to help with diapers, childcare, errands, support, friendship, sleep, donations, fundraising, ETC.

    Instead, you’re going to take her precious baby away from her, while YOU are asking for donations, fundraising, formula (that were ALL supposed to be for baby and mother during this precious time)?

    You are heartless, cruel, selfish, self-absorbed, narcissistic, entitled. You are no child of god, you are more related to satan, coercing and taking other people’s precious babies before they are born, and forcing their legal and physical lifelong separation, for your own “woe-is-me”, selfish narcissism, and claiming entitlement because you need to feel “special”. To this baby-to-be, her mama is who will always be special, special in ways you can never replace. But, that’s not enough for YOU. YOU need, demand more.

    SHAME ON YOU!!! To do this to an expectant mother, her baby, and someone you claim to be friends with!!! If that’s how you treat your “friends”, then I’m glad to NOT be your “friend”.

    BTW, I am adopted. By someone not nearly as selfish and manipulative as you, but enough so I can easily spot the narcissism in you. You don’t need someone else’s baby. You need therapy. You need true friends to tell you to not be such a bully to those in need. You need people to tell you the world owes you nothing. Certainly NOT their baby. You should be grateful (not bitter) for what you already have. I can already tell you that taking her baby away won’t fill your emotional needs. You’ll still be ungrateful, anxious, needy, bitter that “god” didn’t give you what/who you wanted, that you’ve been treated so “unfairly”, so the “world owes you”, you’ll always believe. Taking her baby away won’t change any of that. It will just make you more insecure, fearful, controlling, manipulative about her natural bond with her own mother, flesh, blood, shared ancestry. So much so, that you’ll never be able to fully love her in the way that a mother would/should.

    Narcissism, entitlement, manipulation are horrible qualities to have in a parent (who “claims” to everyone else to love you so much). If you continue with this charade, at some point, that baby, girl, teen, adult you adopted will see through you and realize who you really are and how much you truly do love her (not much compared to yourself). What will you do then to control her love for you? Abuse her, send her away, shut her out, lie to her, destroy her? What will you do when someone tries to point out that you should respect her more? Shut them out of your life, get defensive, abuse her, disempower her even more?

    I am also glad that you will never be able to adopt me, ask for and get donations on “my” behalf, while inflicting and celebrating lifelong trauma and separation to me and my family members, my closest kin, my tribe, all extensions of ME. All for your selfish, ungrateful desires and inability to accept life as it unfolds for you.

    Your celebratory giddiness over what you WANT to happen to this baby and what she’d be forced to live with for the rest of her life makes me ill. I truly pity her that she’s on a destructive path to be adopted by people as insensitive and disrespecting as you and your partner-in-crime. She’s so UNlucky to be having this done to her.

    I know you’re not going to post this, because I know you well enough. You ONLY want to celebrate YOUR happiness, because YOU have been so desperate and hurt for so long. YOU deserve to feel happy (about other people’s trauma) – that’s what makes you a BULLY, to your vulnerable “friend” and her powerless baby. But, someday, you’ll learn that adoption is not “all about YOU”. Again, I pity those who cross your paths.

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  12. I will start out by saying I am never in favor of prebirth arrangements. Pregnant mothers are dealing with a huge amount of hormone flucuations that may cloud their judgement. They need to get time to find a good nuetral party who can assist them in a journey to their decision. Perhaps what seems hopeless while their hormones are running ragged can be resolved with location of support. This perspective adopter seems to really be painting, shaming really, this mother into giving up her baby because she is infertile and adoption would solve her problem. Adoption was never set up to provide people with children. Adoption was set up to provide children without a home a place to be raised. This case really bothers me. I hope the mother can flee and find shelter and support to help her to be in a supportive loving situation during this time of decision. The Mothers current situation is far from healthy. This is maybe the most important decision in her life. She deserves to make her decision free of pressure and shaming.

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  13. Tuesday
    So you’ve been trying to conceive for 8 years? You started trying in High school? Was this with your ex fiancé that you dumped for Josh, or was it with the several guys that you slept with behind his back? Maybe you were having unprotected sex and trying with all of them. Who knows with you, because you lie so much.
    Didn’t you yourself say that you’re in fact not infertile? That your Dr told you you’re absolutely fine and to just be patient? Why do you lie for? That’s not very Christian of you, is it.
    You’re not in a financial position for this. For goodness sakes, Sunday can go get on WIC. This is not something you’d ever expect adoptive parents to do, since adoption is suppose to be about providing the financial stability that the birthparents can’t provide.

    You’re very narcissistic and phony. Oh and those expectant moms parking spots are for actual pregnant women, not hopeful adoptive parents.

    To Sunday, Your Daughter needs to be with you and her brother, not this person who has posted a bunch of hog wash. She’s a disgrace to the true infertile women out there. After all Tuesday herself has said her Dr said she’s fine, so why do you think you’re helping this infertile woman? If relinquishing is your true intentions, find an older financially stable couple who can back up their infertility with proof. When a woman stresses and obsesses with getting pregnant, she can prevent it from happening. Pretty certain this is Tuesdays problem and if she just relaxes and stops focusing so hard, pregnancy will happen.
    Sunday, also don’t be so hateful to the adult adoptees that have responded to you. If you relinquish, that will be your daughter. Would you talk to her that way?

    God plans are not to take newborns from capable women to satisfy the wants of another woman. If anything a loving God would want his followers to help the mom with whatever she needs to raise her child, not to hand her child over to someone else.

    Also spare me with the, you are evil comments and of the sorts. You whackos don’t phase me. Keep defending a liar.

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  14. Wow. Someone hasn’t dealt with her mourning of fertility issues at all, has she? Mind you, think she and her husband both need help – particularly if he was singing songs to help empty uterus so early on.
    Here’s a prediction: If this adoption happens/ed, that poor child is going to grow up under such immense pressure that she’ll probably need help as an adult.
    Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. No one needs to be the focus of that much obsession.
    Another prediction: 12 months after adoption, and they’ll be pregnant with a biological child.

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  15. Every time I revisit this post, I am seething with my own rage: Tuesday’s unremitting, infantile wishful thinking while she implores a deity to cooperate with her self centered wishes. I’m just noting that Tuesday’s doctor claimed she was not “infertile.” Remember, Josh said that adoption was a “final resort! She can wait till she splits with Josh, since, as another comment noted, Josh is playing his guitar to her uterus as a chant to the baby god. (There are some amazing and funny women commenting on this site) Poor Tuesday, so afraid you will be unloved in the world without a baby, anybody’s baby. And that lie that mothers are told that adopters can provide more and better went down the tubes as we read that the essentials Tuesday received from charitable folks – the same charity probably Sunday needed ( I know, I’m being redundant). I simply cannot comprehend that any logical person would not see the farce in all of this. Sunday desperately requires the elemental and basic support of those around her, and this particularly includes YOU, to keep her baby – that’s all the frig she needed. What the F were you thinking? This is why you were so anxious during her pregnancy. You knew you were sinning against the god you believe in. Shame on you Forever.


  16. I’m finding this years too late. But I am Tuesday’s step sister. She was my sibling for 9 years. I have watched her toxic behavior nearly rip my entire family apart. Her dad is my stepfather but I call him Daddy. My mom (her step mom) and my dad raised us a family, as we did not have our biological father and mother in our lives. They have drug issues and that’s another story. There was an endless parade of problems and lies.

    She did many things to destroy us, and most of all many people believed her lies for years. This is just the latest in a long line of them. People have always been on her side because she is so good at manipulating the truth. It’s a comfort to me, to see people finally see through her. To finally see her for what she really is. I have dealt with back lash from many for speaking the truth contrary to what she says. I’m just glad it’s all come to light. I’m sorry to say that she does have that baby. They’re living in a camper on her aunt’s property.


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