The Facebook Archives: Breastfeeding Infants In The Foster Care System

This is the problem with foster to adopt. “Have you tried adopting through foster care? It’s cheaper!” Discount kids get discount parents. Say it with me now! BEING A FOSTER PARENT MEANS SUPPORTING REUNIFICATION 100%! How can you support reunification if you want to adopt the child you’re fostering? If you desire to breastfeed another woman’s infant because “breast is best” but you aren’t ready to have that infants mother move in with you or drive to meet her every two hours so she can breastfeed the baby herself then you are a hypocrite. #adoptivebreastfeeding #breastfeed #adoption #breastisbest8D8EC72B-E879-495D-B43C-5A27BEBC8E16645C7DDE-A0D0-4EF0-96ED-39AB29249F0C5A7CCAF9-503A-4CB4-AE32-3F1897B9E51A


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