The Facebook Files: Haterz Gonna Hate

I concluded the uploads of The Facebook Archives, literally an archive of controversial posts from the Musings of a Birthmom Facebook page. From now on anything controversial that may violate Facebook’s Terms of Service will be posted here, where it does not violate any WordPress TOS.

The first post for “The Facebook Files” will be all the posts, comments & messages about me, and this blog, via Facebook.


Hi everyone! I’m still here! I still see your funny funny posts and funny funny thoughts. Well, maybe funny isn’t the word since your ignorance and refusal to educate yourself about adoption has the potential to traumatize an innocent human being – the child you adopt. Your paranoia, however, is cute.

Pretty simple way not to get in the Facebook files – act ethically. Admins, if you don’t want your group’s private info ending up here it’s simple – don’t allow unethical bull crap. No more calling first moms “BMs” and not addressing it (or not letting others address it). No more letting people who don’t tell their kids they’re adopted be patted on the back by members of your group because it’s a “parenting decision.” No more tolerating members fluffling each others egos for coercive practices such as calling expectant moms birthmoms. No more defending members who dismiss adoptee feelings. NO MORE. Or you’ll just continue to end up here. Ethical groups are off limits for me. If I see admins addressing this crap and allowing other members to address it then I don’t post even the most atrocious stuff here. Why? Because it’s already been dealt with IN GROUP.

So I present to you my hate mail. My hate comments. The admin posts for groups that are scared of my existence. Really now? Come on. Get over yourself. Just admin your damn group and stop perpetuating unethical and immoral behavior. It’s not that hard!

diana message 1diana message 2diana message 3diana message 4foster care admin warningfoster care adminfoster care admin commentkrisitn messagekristin message 2adoptive breastfeeding 1adoptive breastfeeding 2alyssa

michelle adminmichelle admin 2michelle admin commentmichelle admin comment 2Robin message 1robin message 2robin message musingsrobin comments 1robin comments 2robin comments 3 lessonrobin comments 4 lessonrobin comments 5


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