Saving Our Sisters

Saving Our Sisters, or SOS, is a grassroots organization founded by Lynn Johansenn, and recently merged with the non-profit Concerned United Birthparents, as an effort to offer the resources and tools to expectant mothers who feel they must consider adoption as an option to their crisis pregnancy. Through a nationwide network of birthmothers and volunteers we are able to break through the barriers that are present in these women’s lives to offer a path to parenting.




2 thoughts on “Saving Our Sisters

  1. The blog post you have on your site, “Adoption Coercion – The Case of Nikki N Ben Bales” by AstridBeeMom is inaccurate and slander. At the advice of counsel I am requesting that the entire post be removed. This includes pictures, screen shots, links and individual names. Failure to do so will result in further legal action. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Rhonda Karas
    on behalf of Nikki and Ben Bales


    • Dear Rhonda, your threat of a lawsuit for an article that is no longer published (for the protection of the mother Nikki N Ben Bales harassed and attempted to coerce) shows just how bright you are. Who the hell are you again? Intimidation seems to be your whole gangs MO. Too bad that doesn’t work with me.

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