Sincerely Yours No More bundle, perfect, beautiful, needing me, wanting me, all you need.. ..self-hating, worthless, lies I tell myself, that I believe, can’t see, truth.. ..society doesn’t want me        to be, judgment and words that cut me, help me cut you.. ..out of my life.. ..forever severed.. ..stranger in the crowd, faceless child of … Continue reading Sincerely Yours No More


The Facebook Files: Haterz Gonna Hate

I concluded the uploads of The Facebook Archives, literally an archive of controversial posts from the Musings of a Birthmom Facebook page. From now on anything controversial that may violate Facebook's Terms of Service will be posted here, where it does not violate any WordPress TOS. The first post for "The Facebook Files" will be … Continue reading The Facebook Files: Haterz Gonna Hate