Saints and Sinners

In the name of transparency for newsworthy events I bring you a case of an adoptive mother seeking out a birthmother via unsolicited messages and attempting to shame that birthmother and make her feel bad about herself. Tina Hammer is a natural and adoptive mother. According to an article published in the Burlington County Times┬áTina … Continue reading Saints and Sinners

Background Checks For Prospective Adoptive Parents

Oh, and that drug problem you were convicted of 5 years ago? It's all good. As long as it was 5 years ago. Make sure you don't get busted again if you want to adopt! Other charges such as larceny, robbery, embezzlement, arson, illegal use of weapons...they're all okay. No need to worry.

Family Preservation is Not Anti-Adoption

In the past year, because I have become vocal about the injustices in our current adoption system, I have been called "anti-adoption." Nothing could be further from the truth. I hate that label. Yes, I am for family preservation whenever possible. I believe adoption should always be the last resort. That does not mean that … Continue reading Family Preservation is Not Anti-Adoption