Whispers of Grace Memoir

This book was hard to put down. It shows the raw emotion of a mother facing the ultimate trauma of separation from her child. It had me in tears. This book should be read by anyone considering adoption or adoptees and adoptive parents. Don’t forget your tissue.
-Amazon Customer

So poignant and heartfelt. We see so many stories about adoptees and adoptive parents. The story of the first mother isn’t told nearly enough.
-Kindle Customer

An absolutely beautiful, poignant and heart rending read. The sorrow, the fear and the loss is painted in colors that physically hurts to read. It’s one of those books that leaves a feeling with you long after you’ve read it. It made me cry. This book should be read by every woman who’s thinking about giving up a child to adoption, and every couple wanting to adopt. Highly recommended.

How do you hold onto a whisper? How do you carve out a path through the echo of what could have been? These are the questions that haunt Julia’s life. Take a heart-wrenching journey with Julia as she shares the memories of her pregnancy, birth and subsequent relinquishment of her child.
“Whispers of Grace” is one woman’s true experience in modern day adoption. When Julia finds herself pregnant for the fourth time she feels as if the world is closing in on her. With no options Julia and her boyfriend, Justin, decide to give their baby up for adoption. Unlike the movies Julia has seen, however, her personal experience, in today’s world, is not what she expected at all.
Walk in Julia’s shoes through the pages of this haunting memoir. From the decision to pursue adoption to terminating her parental rights and the aftermath that follows, Whispers of Grace will put you inside the mind, heart, and soul of an expectant mother left with no choice but to give her child a life where she will never be her daughter’s mother.
“Whispers of Grace” is the first in an upcoming series that follows Julia in her experiences in living life as a birthmother. Book one focuses on the pregnancy, birth, and relinquishment. It answers questions many may wonder but are too scared to ask. How does a woman choose adoption? What plays into that decision? What is it like to work with an adoption agency? How are adoptive parents chosen? Unlike the many books written about the notorious “baby scoop era,” this memoir is an intriguing look into a new generation of birthmothers that ushered in a new generation of so-called “open adoptions.”

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