Joey Ashbridge and His Video Production on Adoptees’ Searches in Ohio

I am SO very excited to see the outcome of this film, as long as the wait may be. I know that Joey will do a beautiful job. If you can give, please give. If you are unable to give, please share. This is a noble documentary and will, for the first time, document what happens when records become unsealed in a state. It can help lift the veil and show other states that unsealed records is not a bad thing. This will help restore rights to adoptees nationwide.


I’m helping out a fellow adoptee today.

Joey Ashbridge is video taping his search for his natural family, and, he is filming the searches of a few other adoptees.

His project is on Indiegogo: “A film about the change in the Ohio law and about personal journeys to find biological identity“.  Please help him fund the project to produce the film, as well as to help his travels on his search and the search for a few other adoptees.

Good luck, Joey, and all my best on your personal quest! Good luck to the other adoptees you are helping along their way to search and reunion. Good luck in raising funds. And good luck in producing an educationally valuable film!

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