Tangled Webs And All That Jazz

As you may have already gathered from previous posts, Carri Stearns is in the battle of her life and it is her infant son’s life that is at stake. Adoption by Gentle Care has decided that even though they have the power to do the right thing and give Camden back to Carri, they would rather not. They have decided that it is better for them to let this child languish in foster homes while a lengthy legal battle continues on. The key character in this game (yes, I call it a game because that is what it is to AGC) is the Director of Adoption by Gentle Care, Trina Saunders.  Trina frequently likes to poke at Carri via her twitter account and just recently even stooped so low as to post a defamatory picture of Amish people in regards to the speculation that Camden may be living in an Amish home. I have brought these tweets to the attention of the Board of Directors for Adoption by Gentle Care.  What was so ironic about this is the fact that her tweets came the exact same day a cease and desist order was received by some of my fellow bloggers for speculating that the Amish family may have Camden. The order said to remove any and all blogs that portrayed the Amish in a negative light. How ironic that the very agency that is servicing this couple, Adoption by Gentle Care, has its own Director, Trina Saunders, posting defamatory pictures about the Amish people to poke fun at Carri in being mistaken that he was with this family. How professional. Regardless, the attorney representing this couple has also been made aware of what has transpired. What a tangled web we weave. Perhaps Trina assumes she is immune from being fired like Director’s that have come before her that have botched cases such as Carri’s? Perhaps. And perhaps she is. But her behavior is still unethical and unacceptable. No wonder AGC behaves in the manner it has, with Trina running things.



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