How to Choose a Better Life for Your Baby

reality, go do some fucking heroin and O.D. Dumb fuck. You're a dumb fuck is what you are." -Andy Ross, as said to my daughter at age 15.

Life Without Adoptionland

Sometimes I want to come outside of this broken down little home I've made on the far side of Adoptionland, this house I've barricaded myself into so no one can get in, and more importantly, so my uncontrolled rage can't get out and do anymore harm.

Expectant Mothers Considering Adoption Q & A

Expectant Mother Education When do I sign consent to adopt/termination of parental rights? This will vary from state to state. However, please keep in mind the time frames given to you are MINIMUM time limits. You do not have to sign until you are comfortable doing so, if ever. Can I take my baby home? … Continue reading Expectant Mothers Considering Adoption Q & A

Adopt Well, Nicole Marie

**EDIT** Nicole Marie has claimed to run Adopt Well in a private chat about the ethics group: It was brought to my attention that she does not run it but is, rather, affiliated with it. The creator says Nicole is her "sweet friend." This is going here since Facebook pulls screen shots sometimes. Nicole Marie … Continue reading Adopt Well, Nicole Marie