Why Are We Helping Unethical Adoptions?

Yes, why are we?

In The Matter of Camden C. Stearns

Where do we draw the line? I’ve stated before, adoption agencies and the world of adoption generally prey on birth parents under duress. No middle class, white picket fence having, happily married woman just up and decides to put a baby up for adoption when things in her life are perfect. It just isn’t the norm.  And in order to get infants for adoptive couples, adoption agencies then have to skillfully find their supply, pluck these babies out of the arms of less advantaged mothers. They need a healthy supply of womb-wet infants because adoptive couples generally don’t want to be bothered with other people’s troubles or older children slightly damaged and in foster care. They can’t be bothered with the scratch and dent, societal trash that they see older children in the system as. But the bigger question is WHY DO WE HELP THEM? 

Why do we say things like…

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