3rd Annual SOS Sponsor a Saved Family for the Holidays Thank You!


Wow! I cannot even begin to express the gratitude that I feel for those who were able to help with the 3rd Annual SOS Sponsor a Saved Family for the Holidays this year. It truly was amazing what you all have done.

This Christmas there were 12 families that we sponsored and 28 kids in total. These are families who trusted SOS when we stepped in and said, “You are what’s best for your baby, regardless of your temporary situation. You are deserving of your baby and your baby deserves you.” Our entire network makes a commitment to these moms when they decide to let us help and it continues to amaze me what this network is able to do. The show of love, support, monetary donations, and giving is nothing short of awesome. You all rock!

Because of you, 28 children were able to snuggle up in some new jammies on Christmas Eve, with a bucket of popcorn and snacks, and watch a movie after making their gingerbread houses. Because of you, 28 children awoke on Christmas morning to the joy that all kids should feel – Santa Claus had made his rounds. Because of you, 12 families gathered, in love, together, their families in tact, on Christmas day, and feasted on a holiday dinner of ham, turkey, and all the fixings. Because of you, 12 parents didn’t have to worry about their children being disappointed or forgotten about on the most magical day of a child’s life. Because of you, the spirit of Christmas and giving was alive and well in these homes.


In honor of making this possible, we would like to share with you some of the joy those families were able to have this holiday season. With permission from a few of the families assisted, we would like to present the 2015 SOS Sponsor a Saved Family for the Holidays photo album.

For many of us, the holidays are a trying time. I hope that these photos can brighten your day and provide some comfort. We are all making a difference.

Without further ado, the Christmas miracles you are helping put into action.

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Happy Holidays!!

(and don’t forget to read some thoughts from our families under the slideshow)

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From our families:

Thank you so much lynn and sos.”

They love the PJs! They fit perfect.”

Thank you SOS for sending these care packages to our family. Our gingerbread house was done by the boys “All Their Idea” I applied frosting to help out but they did the rest. Lily, Mom, Wade & Chris all In the same gingerbread house this Christmas. We are so grateful to all you lovely ladies #WeHaveOurLilyGirl #BestGiftEver

“I want to wish Lynn Johansenn a very Merry Christmas, with out her an her group we wouldn’t have Kylie,they have made us so happy, this is a very special. Christmas. Thanks to you all an Merry Christmas.”

“To everyone who made this happen for my babies I thank you so much!! Without yall this year there wouldn’t be much of a Christmas for my family but thanks to yall there is 🙂 and to sos I’d like to give a big thanks to all you ladies out there because without yall I wouldn’t have my e man with me for his first of many Christmas with his family. Or many days to come for that matter.”

“Santa came a little early here tonight from the amazing ladies at SOS! With special thanks to colleen and Lynn you guys and appreciate all you guys do for us!”



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