You’re Too Controversial

“You make some good points, but you’re too controversial.”

The people who ran the underground railroad were controversial.

Elizabeth Smith Miller was the first woman to ever wear pants. Huge controversy.

The people who hid Jews from the Nazis were controversial.

Rosa Parks was arrested over the controversy she started.

Martin Luther King, Jr was assassinated because he was too controversial.

Jesus Christ, himself, is probably one of the most controversial people who ever lived. They crucified him.

When people tell me my blog, my words, my cause, is too controversial I feel nothing but gratitude. That means I’m making a change in the world. I’m making people think. I’m doing something.

Those who sit on the sidelines to avoid upsetting anyone aren’t doing anything for positive changes in this world. In fact, they’re part of the problem. They want to avoid controversy and confrontation so much that they actively bring others down so as not to get dragged into it.

I’m an activist. I’m not here to make you comfortable. I’m here to make you uncomfortable, to bring you outside your comfort zone, in hopes that it will move you to join my cause.

You’re either actively helping my cause, standing by, in support, of what I’m trying to do, or you’re in my way. Choose wisely. I run fast and hard and if you’re in my way I will bull right through you. And, most likely, you need me more than I need you.

I’m not doing this for glory, fame, notoriety, or money. My drive is the passion I feel for those that will come after me. Those who had no one like me. Nothing can stop that drive because the motivation comes from a place of deep pain and the only healing is to keep going, keep climbing, keep fighting.

“You’re too controversial.”

And you’re in my way. This train doesn’t stop.

8 thoughts on “You’re Too Controversial

  1. Hands down one of the BEST THINGS IVE EVER READ IN MY LIFE. I want to make a poster of it. Post it on facebook. I want to show it to my kid because it does not matter what the cause is I want her to stand up for something and make a difference in the world. Your cause happens to be mine as well. But you wrote it in a way it could be applied to anyone who believes something horribly wrong has to be corrected. So glad I visited your blog today.

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  2. Your activism, your “controversy” will bring about change. At the very least, it causes people to stop and think. Private “for profit” adoption agencies? How could we NOT stop and think about this?! As an adoptive mom, I appreciate reading your blog and hearing your insight. Our children were adopted through the foster care system and their bio mom is not involved (her choice.) Hearing from your side of the triad gives me hope that someday she will overcome her own demons and accept some form of openness and some form of relationship with the children she birthed. Thank you for sharing this very personal, very ” controversial,” side of yourself. Thank you!

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