Update to Kimberly Rossler Case; More of the Same

Some new stuff in Kimberly Rossler’s case this evening.

Sources report that Judge Don Davis has recused himself, which is good. As you may remember, he was the judge who approved Kimberly’s pre-birth consent. There were also huge conflicts of interest as he sits on the advisory board of Adoption Rocks, the agency that isn’t an agency who Kim initially contacted in regards to a potential adoption for Elliott. As you may also remember, from my previous posts, Donna Ames is the President and founder of Adoption Rocks AND the attorney who represented Kate Sharp for the adoption. She also, coincidentally, campaigned for Judge Don Davis last year, along with several of her associates from the Mobile Bar Association. Lastly, she is the one who brought Kimberly before Judge Don Davis for the pre-birth consent and was advising her throughout her pregnancy, even though Donna Ames admits, in her official statement, that she never represented Kim. Kimberly, however, didn’t get that memo.

Judge Don Davis recusing himself is, indeed, good news. However, from what I’m hearing, that isn’t the end of the story. I’m not quite sure, but after reading Alabama’s code, I THINK Judge Don Davis was able to appoint someone to take his place in this case. That appears to be J. Michael Druhan.

Druhan is the President of the Mobile Bar Association – you know, the one whose many members are associated with Donna Ames. The Bar Association who has donated funds to Adoption Rocks in the past. Also, the Bar Association who has many members that also campaigned for Judge Don Davis last year – and you’ll never guess what else Druhan has done. Have you figured it out yet?

Yes, Druhan is also part of Judge Don Davis’s campaign committee for 2014.

Since Judge Don Davis’s association with Adoption Rocks and Donna Ames is considered a conflict of interest, why would we not think that Druhan’s association with Davis wouldn’t be one?

And here’s the cherry on the cake. He also represented Davis when he was sued (and lost) for refusing to grant a petition for an adoption for a lesbian couple, even after being ordered by a federal court to do so.

To say that Druhan is a close associate of Davis is putting it mildly. Is this another case of “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours?” What the heck is REALLY going on in Mobile, Alabama? Why hasn’t an actual JUDGE been appointed from a different county? One who has NO associations with the key players in this case? Is this how your government conducts themselves down there? Who is going to hold these people accountable if the people of Mobile County won’t?

How can justice truly prevail when the people calling the shots and making the decisions have their hands in every single dirty pot?

Its time a higher power steps in and forces these people to abide by true justice. Do you agree? Please let the Governor Robert Bentley, of Alabama, know how you feel about this.

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