Adoption Awareness: Stealing Fathers’ Children and the Gladney Machine (once again)

In honor of the month, I have decided to bring awareness. The Awareness I’m bringing will violate some privacy but I don’t concern myself with the privacy of those who seek out to defraud fathers of their rights or build barriers for them that are impossible to go over in order to sever their God-given right to parent their child. 

Welcome to Adoption Awareness Month. Today I’m going to make everyone aware about the class of birth mothers/wanna-be birth mothers who intentionally do everything in their power to end any rights a father has to his child. Who work hand in hand with agencies and their powerful lawyers to create injustices. I could go on and on about how these moms are brainwashed and look how good the agency coerced them, but I won’t make any excuses for them. They don’t deserve that from me. 

The following screen shots were sent to me anonymously. And they infuriated me so much that I decided to come out of “blog retirement.” 

Welcome to National Adoption Awareness Month! Are you AWARE how fathers are crapped on when they don’t want to give up these babies??

And the comments of “support.”
I seriously hope the ex of Jodi Rose Marie (or her legal name: Jodi Ouellette) living in a Gladney’s maternity home in Fort Worth, Texas sees this and hands THIS to his attorney. 

Shame on YOU Gladney for abusing your power and money to steal a father’s child. And shame on YOU girls for being co-conspirators. 

***Edit to add: Father is most likely in the Reno, Nevada area and his first name is Chris, according to Jodi’s profile. She was also engaged to him as of January 28, 2017. Adoption isn’t mentioned until after that break up.***

5 thoughts on “Adoption Awareness: Stealing Fathers’ Children and the Gladney Machine (once again)

  1. As a birthmom, what is sad it not taking everyone into account and making it difficult for a birthfather due to the anger and hurt the birthmom has for him. This is just wrong. I am a birthmom. We BOTH did what was right for our child. We acted as adults when we made this decision and I would hope that if he had decided he wanted to be involved I would be compassionate and adult enough to actually give him that right. This sort of thing is so disgusting. And for anyone who says it is not is just to young and immature and me focused.

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  2. Not only is this irresponsible behavior toward the father who deserves to be a father if he chooses, these actions totally deprive the infant of the chance to be raised by her father. This mother is immature and spiteful. This will backfire on her when her adopted-out child seeks her out one day and asks questions. I wouldn’t want to be the adopted person who meets her mother and then hears that her own mother prevented her from being with her father. The mother is violating her child’s rights, too.

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    1. In regards to the birth mother that is being slandered by this blog, Chris is not the father, and it is insane to me that this is okay with any of you. She is going through hell right now. You have no idea what actually happened these past 9 months for this girl. While yes, women do violate a fathers rights to their baby for selfish reasons, you are slandering a young woman who just went through the pain of giving her baby up for adoption because of “he said she said” drama.


      1. I used her own words. Nothing about that is slander. She readily admits she’s trying to circumvent this father’s rights. So as far as I’m concerned, you reap what you sow.


  3. I am very disappointed to hear this situation still happens today. I was adopted in 1964, from a private agency in TX. My first mother’s father was counseled by the agency to make sure my biological father was not told of my existence. Although my fmother and my maternal grandfather provided his name and health status to the agency, his name never appeared on any legal documents. Indeed on these legal documents she is described as saying his “identity and whereabouts were unknown”. He died many years ago and his family was never told of my existence. I used DNA testing to confirm our relationship. When we met they apologized to me and said they would have prevented my placement and adoption if they had known about it. My father and other family members were raised by kin when their parents died or became incapacitated. While living at the maternity home my first mother was prevented from having any contact with my father. She also was required to participate in weekly group “therapy” sessions where the residents were encouraged to vilify and talk trash about The Baby’s father. She was also told that the appropriate feeling she should have for me was shame. Meanwhile DNA testing and social media have made closed records obsolete. Adoptees from the BSE are astonished that many states still refuse to open our birth records. We think this inaction maybe an atttempt to prevent public disclosure and lawsuits concerning the illegal things that were done by maternity homes and agencies at that time. Violating father’s rights is on the list.


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