American Adoptions and Scott Mars’ Adoption Marketing Empire

Baby selling is illegal. Unless you have the right accountant, attorney, and licensing. Please take the time to read this and share. Claudia from Musings of the Lame has spent many hours investigating this and it is a job well done. Please see her blog here to get the full story.

Being Clueless Is No Excuse – UPDATED

Separating industry from individuals can be difficult at times. I've been lucky enough to have quite a few amazing adoptive mom friends who truly "get it." They get it isn't about them and what they had originally planned for their family. Infertility and adoption changed all that. Like I've said, there are instances in which … Continue reading Being Clueless Is No Excuse – UPDATED


All month long we have seen this hashtag floating around social media - #flipthescript. It is a call for solidarity of all adoptees to shift the focus of National Adoption Month back to the adoptee and their thoughts and feelings in regards to adoption. Until now the only voices that are really heard are those … Continue reading #FlipTheScript

She Will Be Happy

I just want her to be happy.  That doesn't mean I want her to be without trials. That doesn't mean I don't want her to never feel pain. We grow and learn from pain and trials. But I do want her to be happy. Regardless of all of my wants and desires to have her … Continue reading She Will Be Happy

Checking In

Today was filled with housework, chores, homework and family time.  This entry will be short and painless. I have not spent much time today dwelling about adoption and that is usually my typical day. It seems it's always there, however, like the pea under my mattress.  How could it not be? It is my child. … Continue reading Checking In