“I Gave Her Loss” – Day One: NAAM

Today starts the first day of a dreadful month in my life. Wait, back up. I can't say it's entirely dreadful as it is the birth month of one of the most precious gifts - my child. However, I'm not entirely sure if I even have the right to call her my child. My heart … Continue reading “I Gave Her Loss” – Day One: NAAM



All month long we have seen this hashtag floating around social media - #flipthescript. It is a call for solidarity of all adoptees to shift the focus of National Adoption Month back to the adoptee and their thoughts and feelings in regards to adoption. Until now the only voices that are really heard are those … Continue reading #FlipTheScript

November is the Month of Hell

November is National Adoption Month. It is also the month my birthdaughter was born and coincidentally, around the Thanksgiving holiday. This is a horrible month, emotionally, for me. Everywhere I look it's adoption, adoption, adoption. All over the news, all over the internet, the TV, the radio. I cannot escape it. And I most certainly … Continue reading November is the Month of Hell