Heart to Heart Adoptions; Andy and Melissa Moore; The Taking of Ja’Meka

Oh look.  How could it be? Another father’s rights being trampled on by a Utah adoption agency.  Who would have imagined?

Can you taste the sarcasm?

If this is your first time visiting the dark underbelly of the adoption Interwebs, you may not understand.  Utah is infamous for it’s unethical and immoral adoption laws that virtually give fathers zero rights to their child.  Often times, adoption agencies will move moms to Utah to deliver their babies if they know a father will not consent to an adoption or voluntarily terminate his own rights.  This is because it really takes an act of God to retain your rights as a father, in Utah, due to their archaic, unethical laws that continue to be practiced due to heavy lobbying from Utah adoption agencies such as Heart to Heart Adoptions.  No “pesky” father will get in the way of making that buck off that baby in Utah. Better believe it.

Some representatives in Utah have made attempts to change the laws but, alas, all were thwarted.  Why would anyone who profits off of adoption want to make it harder to get those babies?  In fact, a class action lawsuit was brought against the state of Utah due to their unconstitutional laws by twelve fathers.  It was, of course, dismissed. The whole state of Utah is corrupt to the very core when it comes to adoption and father’s rights.

Read about the father’s who initiated the federal class action lawsuit against Utah.

So it was really no surprise, unfortunately, when I heard about Johnny. 


Johnny with his daughter, Ja’Meka, at the hosptial, when she was born.

Johnny is a father to a beautiful little girl named Ja’Meka that was born on October 18, 2016 in Georgia. Ja’Meka’s mom, while heavily medicated (having had a tubal ligation the previous day) and under duress, on October 19, 2016 was driven to two attorney’s offices by Bonnie Lin Hilton of Heart to Heart Adoptions based out of Utah.  The first attorney’s office was closed, due to being later in the business day.  The second attorney was open and it was there that Ja’Meka’s mom agreed to waive all her rights in the state of Georgia, in regards to her child and the adoption, and instead go by Utah law. She also terminated her parental rights.  Georgia law doesn’t have any waiting period to do this.  It can be done a minute after the baby is born. It was just Ja’Meka’s mom, Bonnie Lin Hilton, the attorney and a notary (Lucinda S. Hand) – signing away her rights while she was medicated recovering from giving birth and a major operation the day before. Let me say that again.  Ja’Meka’s mom signed legal documents that waived her rights and protections under Georgia law and terminated her parental rights to her child a day after giving birth and having a major operation while medicated on opiates. Bonnie Lin Hilton of Heart to Heart Adoptions in Utah arranged this.

Johnny was not aware this was transpiring.  Heart to Heart Adoptions claims that they weren’t aware of who the father was. This is a blatant lie, however. Johnny actually drove Mom to the hospital with labor pains was at the hospital!  There are pictures of him holding his daughter. Regardless, Putative (biological) father law in Georgia is found in Section 19-8-12 of the Georgia Code. This statute requires that a father be given notice and informed of pending adoption proceedings involving his child if one of following conditions is met.:  1.) If his identity is known. 2.) If he is registered on the putative father registry. 3.) If the court finds that the father has either (a) lived with the child, (b) contributed to the child’s support, (c) made attempts to legitimate the child or (d) provided support to the mother during the pregnancy.

Johnny’s identity was clearly known. Ja’Meka’s doctor even checked her vitals while in Johnny’s arms.  Johnny cared for Ja’Meka while her Mom was sedated from the tubal ligation.  While he was not yet on the putative father registry, he had made attempts to legitimize her and provided support to her mother during the pregnancy.  According to Georgia law, notice should have been given to Johnny that his child was attempting to be put up for adoption and he would then have thirty days to legitimize his child – a legal process in Georgia which gives a father rights to his child.

None of this was done and his child was gone the day after her birth.

While Ja’Meka’s mom was tricked into waiving her rights and protections under Georgia law, Johnny did not agree to waive his rights and protections and was very vocal that he did not want an adoption to take place.  His daughter was born in Georgia and all of his rights as well as Ja’Meka’s remain INTACT. 

As much as Heart to Heart Adoptions would like to try to ignore these facts.

That’s probably why Melissa and Andy Moore of Boise, Idaho are purportedly hiding out in Utah. They live in Idaho, have Ja’Meka, and can’t return home because their ICPC paperwork is not complete. They cannot get cleared.  They have not met the requirements to take this child from her home state of Georgia into Utah as prospective adoptive parents. Ja’Meka’s father’s rights were never terminated.  They remain intact.


Andy and Melissa Moore, couple holding Ja’Meka illegally.

And just for fun, here’s Andy Moore’s grown daughter, Jessica Mawhiney, congratulating her stepmom and dad for procuring this infant. The post is now deleted or made private, as is Melissa’s Facebook profile.


I guess when you unethically and illegally take someone else’s child you kinda have to hide. Andy’s profile, for now, is still active.

So who is behind Heart to Heart Adoptions?

Founded by Donna Pope and Mary Anne Holmoe, Heart to Heart Adoptions is a “smaller” agency in Sandy, Utah.  When looking at their form 990’s as a non-profit, it appears they don’t make too much of a profit at all.  In fact, they’ve claimed to be in the red for at least one year, losing money.  Now, I can’t say for sure, but Duncan Wright is a board member with Heart to Heart, according to their website and their taxes. I also found Duncan Wright as the owner of a non-profit in Sandy, Utah called “Rotary International.” It claims it has zero income and is a social welfare organization with an affiliation of being a subordinate in a group ruling. A quick Google search will bring you to this page, Sandy Rotary. When you go to the members page, Duncan is listed last and described as:

“Duncan Wright
Club Treasurer


Duncan Wright has worked for Wells Fargo Bank since he graduated from Brigham Young University with a BA in Finance in August of 1985. He was a Branch Manager of several branches prior to working in his current position as a Relationship Manager in the Wells Fargo Business Banking Group. He has worked in his current position for 20 years. He has served as Chairman of the Board of the Sandy Chamber of Commerce and currently serves on the Chamber Finance Committee. He has served as the Sandy Rotary Club President and currently serves as the Club Treasurer. He is also a member of the Sandy Honorary Colonels.”

Marney DeVroom is also listed as the Chairman of Heart to Heart Adoptions.  She is also the founder and owner of Spectrum Academy in North Salt Lake City, Utah. According to their form 990’s they are doing a little better financially.  After salaries, expenses, and revenue, they profit just above $700,000 per year. What’s interesting about Spectrum Academy is, they have med182a366ical forms for their students on their website. This is a school that consists mainly of pupils on the Autism spectrum from grades K-12. A private, non-profit charter school.  Of about 36 forms for various different conditions, there is a pregnancy form. While that in and of itself isn’t TOO unusual, the wording at the beginning is.  And give that the founder, director and owner of Spectrum Academy is also the Chairman of an adoption agency, well, let’s just say skeptical cat is skeptical. As an afterthought, Marney is also some sort of counsel for oil companies.


The wording is:

“- Three-quarters of a million teens between 15 and 19 become pregnant each year.
– Very few teens who become mothers plan on doing so. Out of all teen pregnancies, 82% are unintended. Teen pregnancy accounts for 20% of all unplanned pregnancies annually.
– Two-thirds of teen pregnancies occur among teens 18-19 years old and teen mothers account for 11% of all births in the US.
– Out of all teen pregnancies, 57% end in birth. Another 14% end in miscarriage.
– Nearly a third of pregnant teenagers choose abortion.
– Black teens have the highest teen pregnancy rate.
– Teens who become pregnant are less likely to attend college
– US teen pregnancy rates are higher than those of other developed countries.
– Teen pregnancy rates declined between 1991 and 2005 but are on the rise again.

Statistically the obstetric hazards for adolescents and their infants include increased
mortality and morbidity rates. Health care priorities for the student include promoting the optimal physical / emotional well-being of the student, concern for fetal well-being, providing information and review of available options, assisting student in positive adaptation to new and changing roles, encouraging family / partner participation in problem-solving.”

This is on a page called “Pregnancy Care Plan” and asks for a medical release for Spectrum Academy to have access to any pregnant student’s medical records. Why would a pregnancy care plan have the above information stated? Why would a school need access to a student’s medical records. There is also a form for Asthma. My daughter has Asthma.  I have never once been asked to release her medical records for her school to have full access to at any time.

The medical release on the pregnancy care plan reads as follows:

1. I have reviewed and am in agreement with the Health Care Plan and I authorize school officials to provide my child with health care services in accordance with this plan. I understand that my student’s health information will need to be shared:
A. To benefit the student in terms of health maintenance and academic progress.
B. When necessary to accommodate the safety and well-being of student and staff.
C. With the discretion of the school nurse to determine what is shared and who should          know.
2. I understand that consent for sharing of health information will remain in effect as long as my student is enrolled in Spectrum Academy and may be revoked at any time in writing by parent / guardian.
3. I understand if clarification of the health information is needed, my signature authorized the school nurse to contact the medical provider and authorized the medical provider to release information.”

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Donna Pope, the President and Founder of Heart to Heart Adoptions. Let’s be clear.  She is not a licensed social worker.  She is a former respiratory care nurse. She is also the one who was engaging with Johnny in the comments section of his review on Facebook of Heart to Heart Adoptions (which has now been disabled). Heart to Heart does have an active license as an adoption agency that will expire, if not renewed, in 2017.


Bonnie Lin Hilton, social worker that facilitated all of this. She does hold a current license in the state of Utah as a social worker. She does NOT hold a current Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) license for the state of Georgia – where she was conducting herself on behalf of Heart to Heart Adoptions. img_2038Her current license in Utah is an endorsement license.  In other words, she transferred her license from the state of Tennessee where she apparently worked for an organization called “Adoptions Plus” which I can find virtually no information about, besides the fact that her license as a social worker was tied to that organization and the address of that organization was 2211 Berrywood Dr., Knoxville, TN, 37932.  It wouldn’t be going out too far on a limb to assume that Bonnie may have been trying to run her own adoption agency but failed. hope-zettler Interestingly, Bonnie is also listed on the Heart to Heart Adoption agency website as Hope Zettler, LCSW.  I am stumped as to why this is.  But I think it further proves the deception of Heart to Heart. Was Bonnie Lin Hilton once going by Hope Zettler?
Appears that way on the website. For the record, I found no LCSW license for any Hope Zettler in Utah or Georgia.


Last, but not least, when Johnny was pleading with them to return his baby, via the comments of his review on Facebook, Donna admitted that the paperwork of relinquishment was incorrect (possibly fraudulent as times were entered incorrectly – on purpose??) and was dismissive to Johnny.  She also either lied, or was unaware that Bonnie knew that Johnny was the father as he was clearly at the hospital. The exchange is painful to watch.

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Another man, Michael Ash, has a similar story to Johnny’s with Heart to Heart Adoptions. His daughter was also taken for adoption without his consent or permission using the same fraudulent and unethical practices that Utah and Heart to Heart are notorious for.  You can read his story here.

So where does Johnny stand?

I’d like to reveal our hand but I think it’s in the best interests of Ja’Meka and Johnny to keep that a secret.  The best thing you can do right now is to show your support of Johnny. A Facebook page has been set up to keep everyone up to date with what’s going on. He’s going to need all the support he can get.

Please head on over to BRING BABY JA’MEKA HOME and show your love  and support for Father’s Rights!

Finally, this is a message to Heart to Heart Adoptions, Donna Pope, Bonnie Hilton, Melissa Moore and Andy Moore.

This is NOT the story you want following you around. We will not stop.  We will not rest. Ja’Meka is Johnny’s daughter and she rightfully belongs with him. You cannot go to Idaho because you’re in violation of ICPC. No court is going to grant your adoption once they find out you have violated this. Furthermore, this is not your child. How are you going to look at yourselves in the mirror knowing you stole someone else’s child? How are you going to look that little girl in the face (if the rare rare chance that you actually get to keep her comes to be, which is doubtful) and say, “Oh, we ran with you. Your Dad wanted you but we wanted you more.”

Heart to Heart – you’re on my radar. You’re on a lot of people’s radars now. You’re business doesn’t seem to be going too well, either. I’m not sure how the IRS, and proper licensing authorities will feel about the dirty dealings you’ve been conducting. I highly suggest you get your stuff together and conduct legal and ethical adoptions instead of stealing other Father’s babies for profit by ignoring their rights.

To all of you involved with this serious miscarriage of justice – RETURN JA’MEKA TO HER FATHER.


For the Fathers

For the fathers who were never made aware they had a child, this one’s for you.

For the fathers who fought like hell to keep their children but the adoption industry won out, this one’s for you.

For the fathers who felt they had no other choice, this one’s for you.

For the fathers who were tricked, coerced, or lied to, this one’s for you.

For the fathers who were accused of horrible things so that the industry could obtain your child, this one’s for you.

For the fathers who are still fighting a David & Goliath battle, this one’s for you.

For the fathers who are about to embark down the path of hell but don’t know it yet, this one’s for you.

To the overlooked, under-represented, swept under the rug fathers out there, I see you. I hear you. Happy Father’s Day. This one’s for you.

Scandalous Stepmother Tries to Terminate Father’s Parental Rights

**Names have been changed for privacy and legal reasons**

Fathers. They are the most under-recognized victims of unethical adoptions. But this reaches far further than just domestic infant adoption. All over the internet you will find hundreds of “Fathers Rights” groups, pages, and resources. You would think that in this day and age it would not be so easy for a woman to systematically eliminate a father from a child’s life. You would be wrong.

Today I will tell you a story. It is the story of a cousin that is more like a brother to me. It’s a sad story and will end even sadder without the help of social media. I am hoping that by sharing we will be able to stop two more unnecessary adoptions.

Wayne and I were born 8 days apart. Our mothers are sisters. We have always been close and lived together on and off for almost half of our childhoods. We’ve both had our issues, in life, in the past. We’ve both made mistakes. We’ve both done things we weren’t proud of, but here we are today, still standing, still fighting, still trying to do right by our children and families.

When Wayne met Theresa he was not in a good spot. Theresa was a close friend of my younger sister and stood up in her wedding. It was at this wedding that their meeting took place. Wayne was living out of his van, had sole custody of his daughter, after her biological mother all but abandoned the child. Throughout his younger years Wayne struggled with issues, as we all do, but was beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Wayne’s mother, Cathy, helped to raise his oldest daughter, Brittany. So, Wayne meets Theresa and feels there is an instant connection.

They begin to date and Theresa is a big influence in giving Wayne hope to help him straighten his life out. They move in together, they get married. Wayne slips up early in the marriage, they have arguments, they make up. Wayne isn’t perfect, like I said. Wayne has never hit Theresa or his children…which Theresa admits. Let’s fast forward 6 years.

Two years after the birth of Wayne and Theresa’s daughter, Theresa begins to record their arguments. She does not record her part in the argument, however. Only his. She then begins to throw the word “divorce” around. One minute she acts totally in love, the next she says, very matter-of-fact, she wants a divorce because she doesn’t love him anymore. She is systematically messing with his mind to instigate a reaction. Granted, everyone is in control over their own actions, but there gets to be a point where it becomes torturous.

Then, one day, the icing on the cake. The straw that broke the camel’s back. Theresa asks for “romantic relations” with Wayne one evening and then the first thing she says the next morning is she wants a divorce. This sent Wayne into a tailspin. So while the kids were at school and daycare he drank two forty ounces of beer (over an 8 hour period), cried, cursed, cried some more, became angrier, and then went to pick the kids up from school. Upon arrival at the school one of Theresa’s friends (in Wayne’s opinion) began to taunt him, while he sat in his car. He screamed at her and drove home, erratically. Which was wrong. He knows this. He was at his breaking point, which is what Theresa wanted and what she had been counting on in her planning and plotting. She had also been in contact with, and advised by, an attorney during all of this time.

Brittany, Wayne’s oldest daughter, becomes frightened and calls Theresa’s parents, who come get the kids from Wayne. Wayne then goes upstairs, calls Theresa and says he’s going to kill himself. And then proceeds to try. Theresa doesn’t call 911 upon receiving this information. Instead she waits a little while and then goes home. She finds Wayne upstairs, having attempted the deed. She calls an ambulance and they come take Wayne away.

As soon as they leave the house Theresa heads to the courthouse and files for a restraining order against Wayne for her and the kids. The way the law works, anyone can file for a restraining order. A judge will later determine if it has basis to stand.

Let’s review the facts.

Wayne was not drunk when he picked up the kids. Wayne stands 6’3″ tall and weighs 250 pounds. Eighty ounces of beer over an eight hour period would not put him at a risk to drive.

Wayne did not attempt to kill himself while the kids were in the home.

Because Wayne was having a “breakdown” over the state of his marriage and the actions of his wife, his oldest daughter is scared. She has never seen her dad cry or yell or act that way.

Wayne DID drive erratically. That was wrong. However, no one was in an accident and the kids were okay.

Where were we?

Theresa secured a temporary restraining order. Wayne was placed on a 72 hour hold in the psych ward of the hospital. Theresa would not take his calls and did not go to visit him. She filed a motion for sole custody of both children and requested supervised visits for one hour a week for two years. In the meantime, while my family is questioning her actions (specifically her lack of concern for the mental well-being and life of my cousin as she waited to do anything about his threats of suicide) she is reassuring us that she is only doing what she thinks is best for the kids, that everyone will still see them, including Wayne, and things just need to settle down first before Wayne goes back to regular visits with them.

(Side note: To this day Wayne says he still loves Theresa)

So, we are all respectful and try to understand. Wayne’s psychiatrist clears him to leave the psych ward citing a momentary breakdown that he is fully recovered from. There are no long-term meds prescribed. Wayne voluntarily goes to see a psychiatrist to prove he is fit for his kids. That psychiatrist clears him and says he is not a danger to them.

Upon release from the hospital, Wayne learns, via my family in messages Theresa had written, that she has put a restraining order in and that if he goes home he will be arrested. Even though Wayne had not yet been served with it, it still existed. Everything he owns is in the house. His wallet, his phone, his clothes, his truck….everything. Theresa agrees to leave everything in his truck and drive it to his father’s house.

Wayne gets his stuff and all his money from his income tax return that was in his bank account is gone. He’s broke. She took it all out so he would have no access to it. He has nothing. He has to start over. He doesn’t even have his kids.

The courts give Theresa what she wants. Supervised visits one hour per week. Our uncle is the designated “supervisor.” He is an upstanding member of his community and is known for the work he does with “at-risk” youth as well as his coaching throughout the years of little league teams. And the court battles rage on, for a year. Theresa tries to have the supervised visits extended to five years. That is still up in the air at the moment. Wayne continues to see his psychiatrist (even though it isn’t needed) and the psychiatrist continues to state he is not a danger to his children and is not suicidal. Wayne has no representation because he has just enough money to start his life over again and find new employment (as his former employer was the church that Theresa’s family has attended their whole lives). He is also paying child support for his children, to Theresa, as he should be. Starting over is hard. Trying to find the money to fight all of this is even harder, almost impossible.

Yesterday, Wayne had court for a new motion Theresa had put in. Our Uncle accompanied him this time. Wayne has been representing himself thus far, ineffectively. The motion was to ban Wayne from asking his children about their home life. It was denied. The new motion wanted to remove our Uncle as the “supervisor” based on another false claim by Theresa. She instead wanted a social worker to supervise the visits. She stated that my Uncle yelled at her and verbally abused her (same claim she used to start all of this with the restraining order – and used those one-sided arguments she recorded to get it). She failed to bring in the police report that existed that proved her claim wrong. Yes, a police report exists because she called the police. My Uncle, however, refused to speak to her until the police got there. The judge was very interested to know why her attorney did not also show the police report. The background check Theresa’s attorney had done on my Uncle also showed the exact opposite as what she was hoping for. Police, school and government officials from his town gave him glowing reviews. That motion was denied. The final motion that she is attempting to push through is to TERMINATE MY COUSIN’S PARENTAL RIGHTS TO HIS CHILDREN.

Remember, his oldest is not even Theresa’s child.

Here’s the catcher. Here is why Theresa brought the police with her the last time she dropped the kids off at my Uncle’s. She has a new boyfriend. According to the kids he frequently sleeps over….think “moving in.” Think “terminate parental rights and he can adopt the kids??” My Uncle, by happenstance, pulled into the gas station, in his hometown, at the exact same moment she was letting the new boyfriend out of the car before she took the kids to their supervised visit at my Uncle’s house. She was caught and thought that lying would work again.

This is my plea. The judicial system, as we all know, is CROOKED. Without representation my cousin is really at risk of losing his rights to his children, unjustly, based on the lies of one woman. While we have the retainer fee for an attorney, he won’t have representation for long with this case without raising more money. I know that money is really tight for everyone. So if you can’t donate I totally understand. I’m not even in a position to do anything right now. But if you can please SHARE this. Share it far and wide.

Save these children from their amended birth certificates, loss of their father, loss of their heritage. Save this father from this travesty.

Thank you.

GoFundMe Page for Wayne and His Children