CUB Birthmother Survey – CLOSED


CUB is a wonderful organization representing birthparents nationwide. CUB stands for Concerned United Birthparents and was founded in 1976 by Lee Campbell and continues to be a driving force in adoption education focusing on the rights and welfare of birthmothers. Currently CUB is gathering information on birthparents who are/were in open adoption that do not have what they were promised.  In other words, betrayed open adoptions. CUB has a birthmother retreat each year and this year’s retreat will be from October 17-19.  The information gathered in this survey will help Dr. Gail Hanssen Perry, a founding member of CUB who holds a Ph.D. in social policy to possibly create a document to educate young vulnerable women and will be used as a discussion tool at the upcoming retreat. This is a chance for your voices to be heard!! The easiest way to complete the survey is to hop on over to my friend Claudia’s website and complete it there.  You can also read more in-depth information about the survey and people behind it. To make changes in policy we must speak up! This survey is very important. If you were in a betrayed adoption, please use this as an opportunity to be heard.

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