Inside the Mind of a Birthmother – Results Are In!

I know I said that I would keep this survey open until February 5th, but it is almost the 3rd and there hasn't been any new responses in 2 days. I am going to be busy with work this week so I decided to do my data analysis today. And away we go! DISCLAIMER: This … Continue reading Inside the Mind of a Birthmother – Results Are In!

Preliminary Data – Birthmother Survey

Overwhelmingly, the majority of responders were 26 or more years into being a birthmother. Approximately 34% to be exact. Only 6% were less than one year in. The middle groups of years were somewhat well-rounded.

CUB Birthmother Survey – CLOSED

THIS SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED. CUB is a wonderful organization representing birthparents nationwide. CUB stands for Concerned United Birthparents and was founded in 1976 by Lee Campbell and continues to be a driving force in adoption education focusing on the rights and welfare of birthmothers. Currently CUB is gathering information on birthparents who are/were in open … Continue reading CUB Birthmother Survey – CLOSED