There are SO many people that are searching for birth family or for the child they relinquished. I know that this may seem like one of the many thousands, but I really need everyone’s help here. Tawney is such a wonderful person. She has been through so much as a birthmom. More than anything I want to be able to give her the gift of knowing that her daughter is alive, happy, and healthy.Even though her child’s adoption was done in 1993, it was a traditionally closed adoption and she knows next to nothing. I have watched this brave mama celebrate in the reunions of others, help in searches for other people, and still have no peace of her own to be found. I hate that I have not been able to help her, or the many other people that have tried. I know Tawney’s daughter is out there somewhere and, as a last resort, I am hoping that social media can help us find her.

Tawney has two Facebook pages to assist in her search. The first is October 29, 1993 Searching for My Daughter 10-29-1993 Kingsport, TN and the second is October 29, 1993 Searching for Hope.  Tawney’s daughter, who she named Hope, was born October 29, 1993 in Kingsport, TN. Tawney suspects that Hope was adopted across state lines because of one of the stamps on her non-identifying information (which is all on her facebook pages). There was an ICPC stamp on it which stands for Interstate Compact for Placement of Children. Hope was born in the Holston Home for Children.

One of Tawney’s posts from her page. It is absolutely heartbreaking.


This is a desperate plea to anyone who has gained anything from reading my blog. Tawney means the world to me and I cannot sit around waiting anymore. PLEASE share this post, share her page, share her flyer, just share! Get the word out. Any search angels who think they may be able to find Hope please do try! Help Tawney’s heart find the peace it needs. Adoption should never be this way, cause this trauma.

Thank you,


TAWNEY** Special thanks to Indiana Britt for her beautiful flyers.

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