Anastasia Rose Padovani: Human Trafficker

Since Facebook removed my post for supposedly harassing someone of a protected class:

I’ll just post it here. 

Anastasia Rose Padovani who lives in Clearwater, Florida and works at Taco John’s as some kind of manager. Anastasia Rose Padovani would like to purchase a baby from a 16 year old one of her employees knows. Anastasia Rose Padovani is working really hard to make sure this disappears from the internet by reporting my post and using algorithms to have it removed when it doesn’t violate any TOS. Let’s make sure this finds its way to the right people before Anastasia can purchase a human being. 

4 thoughts on “Anastasia Rose Padovani: Human Trafficker

  1. According to Dr. Allan N Schore (2001) and Dr. Paul Sunderland, when an infant is separated from its gestational parent or caregiver, permanently changes, the right side of the brain. The brain does not completely develop in regards to trusting and bonding to other people. MRIs shows the biology of the Limbic changes. To ensure a mentally healthy infant, they must continue to hear the bodily sounds it recognizes from 9 months in the womb. They are expecting this person after birth. Adoption, et al. need to consider “the ethical construct” of diminishing a humans conception of trust and attachment…for life.
    Check the work of Dr. David Kirscher…

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    1. This article is not true…the woman who wrote it didn’t like the fact that the lady she mentioned blocked her from commenting on the post she shared….the woman who posted this was removed from our group for being hateful to others and making up stories about them….she is being reported to face book and if this lie is not removed Anastasia is contacting an attorney…..this is slander.


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