Anastasia Rose Padovani: Human Trafficker

Since Facebook removed my post for supposedly harassing someone of a protected class: I’ll just post it here.  Anastasia Rose Padovani who lives in Clearwater, Florida and works at Taco John’s as some kind of manager. Anastasia Rose Padovani would like to purchase a baby from a 16 year old one of her employees knows. … Continue reading Anastasia Rose Padovani: Human Trafficker


Adoption Is Exhausting

I've immersed myself in the world of adoption for the past couple of weeks. I wasn't an active participant, but rather a (mostly) silent observer. Sometimes things were so enraging that I couldn't help but comment. I looked at post after post in a couple of "Birthmom Support Groups" of several expectant mothers talking about … Continue reading Adoption Is Exhausting

Dear Hoping to Adopt

I'm sure, by now, I'm loathed by most who have found themselves in my corner of the world wide Web via an innocent Google search about how to adopt a baby. That's okay. I get it. My writing is blunt and I don't mince words. I'd like to take some time, however, to speak directly … Continue reading Dear Hoping to Adopt

Adoption Rocks Ponzi Scheme and the Donna Ames Empire

The adoption industry is so ethical, so upstanding, so charitable, right? Then why is it that I keep running into stories of some of the most deplorable acts thought possible to man? A newborn, snatched from his mother's breast because of unethical practices, lies, and misinformation to the new mother. Information withheld from her for … Continue reading Adoption Rocks Ponzi Scheme and the Donna Ames Empire