Independent Adoption Center Goes Belly Up Without Warning

Yesterday and today, without warning, hundreds, maybe thousands, of prospective adoptive parents checked their email and found that the adoption agency they had been working with (see: paying) was no longer in business. Some were near the end of the adoption process and already have children in their homes and are just waiting on finalization, some had just began the process and didn’t have too much invested quite yet, and others were somewhere in between. When they went to their website at they found this:


When you click on the links entitled “News Release” and “To Our Families” you get this:








Independent Adoption Center boasted 34 years of agency experience helping to facilitate over 4300 adoptions in those 3 and a half decades. They were fully licensed in California, Georgia, Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, New York, North Carolina, and Texas. They were HUGE.

There’s a few key sentences you should pay attention to.

“The IAC has worked tirelessly to adapt to this changing environment, but the many efforts we implemented were ultimately unsuccessful.”

The “changing environment” referred to is in reference to the lack of “potential birthmothers” that is cited earlier. Just how did IAC work tirelessly to procure more “potential birthmothers” to meet the demand of the clients they took on.  Apparently WAY too many clients as well. As one birthmom friend said, this being the agency she worked with while pregnant and after giving birth, she was coerced and pressured by IAC beyond belief, ultimately relinquishing her child even though she didn’t want to.

“As everything will be under control of the trustee and the court, IAC will not be involved with determining how any remaining funds in the account are utilized.”

So this wasn’t something that just popped up yesterday. This has been in the works for some time if there is already a trustee for their chapter 7 bankruptcy. Then why weren’t families warned? Why was IAC still accepting PAYMENTS at least FIVE days ago? If you know you’re in the process of filing for bankruptcy, why are you drafting people’s bank accounts for payments of services you know you won’t be rendering because you’re shutting down? ALL THE WAY DOWN.

Calling their lines gives you an automated message pretty much telling you the same thing that is shown here. Emails have gone unanswered. As I said earlier, their website is all but gone, their Facebook page has disappeared.  They’ve gone off the grid as much as one CAN go off the grid, filing bankruptcy and leaving people in the lurch.

(I’m getting to a point, I swear I am)

Hopeful adoptive parents with home studies through IAC are no longer valid. The home studies they paid for are worthless and they have to start again.

Hopeful adoptive parents that have been making payments? Same thing. That money is gone.  Wait for something to come in the mail from the courts to prove your claim against the “estate.” If there’s anything left to claim that is.

Hopeful adoptive parents who already have a child in their home but haven’t finalized? Their states don’t care that their agency went belly up. The law still says a certain number of home visits must be conducted by a licensed agency for a judge to grant finalization.

Adoptive parents and first parents who have already utilized this agency and finalized? The records will probably be sent to the state making it even HARDER for an adoptee to access them.  Making it even harder for a first parent to access them. Furthermore, some adoptions were only open in the capacity that IAC was facilitating all contact as a third-party. Those first parents and adoptive parents have NO WAY TO FIND EACH OTHER TO CONTINUE CONTACT. (So much for that open adoption IAC promised)

Lots of sensitive information and documents are in the hands of IAC and many people are wondering what will be done with that. IAC failed to talk about that in their “News Release.” This isn’t sensitive information like where someone works.  We’re talking FBI background checks and medical records.

Let’s not forget that promised “lifetime support” to first families and adoptive families. Just another way to bring in business, get the goods, and turn a profit. Obviously that “lifetime support” is no longer available to those it was promised to.

Where am I going with all of this?

A couple of days ago I wrote an article about an agency administrator as an admin in an adoption support group.

I received a lot of support and a lot of backlash.  As a matter of fact, I receive a lot of backlash all the time from hopeful adoptive parents and adoptive parents alike. Here’s my point.

The adoption industry SCREWS you too.  They don’t care. If they aren’t making money they DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU. They will leave you in the lurches, close their doors, and tell you to see ’em in court. Do you NOT understand how important reform is? Don’t you know WHY adoption costs what it does? This adoption agency went bankrupt. BANKRUPT. And not a word was spoken until the day before they shut their doors totally cutting off all communication with their clients. They were still collecting payments until days before. They were still going through the motions making their clients believe everything was okay. It’s the same thing they do to expectant moms.

Do you think that an agency that acted as unethically with their bankruptcy as they did acted ETHICALLY when dealing with expectant mothers? Not a chance. There is a HUGE uproar in the adoptive parent/hopeful adoptive parent community over this. Yet, most of you look away when people like me say “Hey! This agency is bad! This industry does this! They aren’t ethical!” I’m just an angry bitter birthmom. But when it happens to you – oh the shame!

You’re fooling yourselves if you think that IAC is an exception. Independent Adoption Center is not an exception. They just happened to be one of the larger ones to conduct themselves this way. Smaller agencies are closing all the time leaving similar destruction in their wake.

Furthermore, with the awakening of those of us who were tricked or coerced, the creation of Saving Our Sisters, and the endless hours dedicated to TRUE reform and protections of expectant parents and their children, agencies like IAC will no longer have a place in today’s society.  We’ll make sure of that.

I’ll leave you with Independent Adoption Center’s Form 990 from 2014 tax year. I’m still scratching my head trying to figure out how a “non-profit” with $2,262,074 in NET assets goes belly up in 2 years.


6 thoughts on “Independent Adoption Center Goes Belly Up Without Warning

  1. It seems to me that there is a pattern among some adoptive parents of taking on the mantle of telling everyone how they know how to “do adoption right”. Maybe it provides validation or affirmation, I don’t know but some people really seem to be drawn to give out advice after adopting. Years ago I became interested in following a blog… ethics alarms… there were some interesting articles on a variety of subjects. When I heard about John and Emma Wyatt’s story, I emailed the blog owner/operator. I didn’t know he was an adoptive parent. I told him that this baby had been literally smuggled out of the hospital when security kept the father in the lobby, that the child was being held in Utah by people who wanted to adopt her and that according to the state of Virginia (where she was born) her father, John was (and is) her ONLY legal guardian. I hoped he would speak up for the family. He had no legal or media contacts but a fairly large number of faithful readers. He read my email and wrote about the story but took the side of the people holding the baby illegally in Utah and I was not he only one angry about it. Here’s the link As you can see there were literally hundreds of comments. The vast vast majority of people totally disagreeing with him. He also followed up with a couple other articles on the same subject but here’s the interesting thing: A couple weeks later the year ended and he wrote about how the Baby Emma story was the most “controversial” of the year. My understand of the word “controversial” is when a large segment of the population feel strongly one way and another large segment feel equally strongly the other way. Actually, by that definition this story wasn’t controversial at all. 99% of readers felt very strongly that Emma had been unethically separated from her father but because he disagreed, he still saw it as an issue on which the population at large. It seemed to me that there was a lot of self delusional thinking involved.

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  2. I love how you do show empathy towards those who paid for a service they did not get, no matter what their motives were. It is not right that these people kept taking people’s money. It is not right that now some birth moms will have no clue where their children are. So much is very wrong with this whole scenario. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? They have no care, empathy and what we call in South Africa, ‘Ubuntu.’ You’d think they were purely in it for the money. *insert sarcastic tone* No way they actually didn’t care about the lives they were interfering with, right?


  3. I wrote a short post today focused on the IAC records in finalized adoptions, including letters I’ve written to the eight state regulators requesting info on file retrieval and retention. I’m curious about your comment that it may be harder to get access to those records if the state possesses them. My understanding is the same laws regarding adoption agency files—and access— apply whether or not an agency or the state retains the records. Not challenging your thought on this but wondering about it in more detail. Thanks!


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