Mobile County, Alabama; Baby Racketeering

You can find Daniel’s GoFundMe page here:

Tonight I bring you another heartbreaking story that comes, again, from Mobile County, Alabama. You’ll also recognize some names.

Meet Daniel. Daniel is the father of an almost 3 year old little boy. Daniel has never held, met, seen, or heard anything about his son since his birth. In fact, Daniel wasn’t even aware that his child had survived birth until one month after the fact when he received a call from the Alabama Department of Human Resources asking him if he knew about his son’s impending adoption.

Throughout Daniel’s ex-wife’s pregnancy he provided emotional support, financial support, and made plans and preparations for the upcoming birth of his child. According to Daniel, he noticed a change in his ex-wife around March or April of 2013. She became more aloof and standoffish. Still, they continued planning and were now seriously talking about names for the baby since it was only a couple of months before his birth.

Daniel had to go out of town for business and that is when he was told that labor would need to be induced. He was sad that he couldn’t be there for the birth of his son, but excited to meet him, nonetheless. Hope was changed to devastation when the mother of his child informed him that his son had died in labor. Supposedly from a “Pitocin overdose.”  Pitocin is the synthetic version of the naturally occurring hormone Oxytocin, that the body naturally produces to begin labor. It is used to induce labor in women. Daniel was devastated and questioned his ex about how that could happen. He pressed further and was shown a “death certificate” that he later learned was faked. For a whole month Daniel thought his son had died and nobody bothered to tell him otherwise, until that phone call from DHR.

Can you imagine thinking that your baby had died and then to be told he hadn’t but he was being put up for adoption against your will? Horrifying, right? You have no idea. The horror that was about to come was an almost 3 year battle to get his son that is still going on.

I know what you’re thinking. How can something like this happen? I was thinking the same thing but, sadly, nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to adoption.  Especially when I hear the name Donna Ames or Judge Don Davis. You remember them, right? Donna from Adoption Rocks? Kimberly Rossler? Baby Elliot? Judge Don Davis was originally presiding over her case as well. You can catch up on that story here, if you’d like.

What in the world is going on in Mobile County, Alabama? How does Judge Don Davis and Donna Ames fit in here?

Of course, when Daniel heard his son was being put up for adoption against his will, without his permission, and without his knowledge that his son had even survived birth, he retained counsel and began his legal fight to what is rightfully his – his right to parent his child. Standard court practices, when a child is born, is to appoint a Guardian ad Litem. Donna Ames was appointed for Daniel’s son – 2 1/2 years ago. Judge Don Davis was presiding over those initial court proceedings.  In October of 2014 Judge Don Davis ordered Daniel to pay a $10,000 cash bond. If he didn’t, the good judge said, he would terminate his parental rights. Why in the world would Daniel be required to pay a $10,000 cash bond to retain his parental rights? Was he unfit? A criminal? Abusive? Nope. None of the above. Daniel is a well-spoken, down to earth, pleasant young man. I’ve had the pleasure of talking to him. Nothing in his history suggests he’s unfit, abusive, or a criminal. In the eyes of what I’ll call “adoption law” his crime is not being rich. Adoption law says that means he doesn’t deserve his baby as much as a nice affluent couple. So what reason did Judge Don Davis, of Mobile County, Alabama, give for issuing a $10,000 cash bond so that Daniel could avoid having his paternal rights terminated? He said it was to pay the Guardian ad Litem, you know, Donna Ames, for her time as well as the legal expenses of the prospective adoptive parents since Daniel was “wasting everyone’s time.”

So, let me get this straight. Judge Don Davis, who has obvious and proven close ties to Donna Ames and Adoption Rocks, held a child, essentially, for ransom, from his father, for the amount of $10,000 so that Donna Ames could be paid as well as the legal expenses for the people trying to steal his baby? Seems legit. Not.

How is this allowed to go on in this state? I’m truly flabbergasted. I thought I’d seen it all, apparently I was wrong. Mobile County, and specifically David Broome, Judge Don Davis, and Donna Ames, shoot, the whole Mobile County Bar Association, seems to think it’s perfectly okay to just steal people’s babies and redistribute them to the highest bidder against their parents’ will. Hello? Justice system? Can you hear me? It’s me, Jennifer.

Through court proceedings Daniel also learned that right before Christmas of 2012, 6 months before the birth of his son, his ex-wife sought out an adoption agency and, it appears, the agency, prospective adoptive parents, and the mother of the baby hatched a plan to get Daniel out of the picture because it was clear he wanted his baby and would not consent to an adoption. It seems the only way to do this was to fake the baby’s death. Now, it could be that mom came up with this idea all on her own and no one helped her BUT, in my opinion, that’s very unlikely as I see adoption agencies and attorneys coaching mothers quite often on how to avoid getting parental consent from fathers. You also have to consider that the agency didn’t do it’s diligence in seeking out the father, Daniel, which is suspect, in and of itself, that they were involved.

Accountability. There is none. Judges, attorneys, agencies, mothers, prospective adoptive parents, are allowed to lie and use tactics like Daniel has been victim to and NOTHING HAPPENS. There are no laws making these people accountable. Not one. Not at all. If you coerce, lie, apply duress, fake a baby’s death or assist a mother in faking her baby’s death to circumvent the rights of a father nothing happens to you, legally. Nothing. Who will protect the ones that are victims of devastating stories like this? Who will be the watchers?

You. Me. Us. We will be the watchers. We will make sure that those who commit such heinous crimes against humanity are held accountable, at least in the public eye.

We do have the power to change laws. We do have the power to help those fighting. It won’t happen overnight, but it CAN happen.

Right now Daniel is waiting for the Alabama Supreme Court to decide the fate of his son. It’s obvious to anyone that this “adoption” should not have been allowed to happen. However, courts will often admit that it was wrong but, in the same breath, mutter “only family the child has ever known” and side with the criminals who took the baby in the first place. Often times attorneys will drag out cases like this on purpose just to use this as a last resort argument. It doesn’t always work, though, as we saw with Sonya. Judges who would use this argument – would you side with the kidnapper who has had the child for the past 3 years? No, you would put him in prison and return the child to his natural and rightful parent.

Should the Supreme Court decide to take the side of the ones who committed such travesties, Daniel will need to go to a higher court. A federal court. Court cases like these cost money. I am asking you to please stand and fight with Daniel. Please donate whatever you can to his legal fund on GoFundMe. Even if it’s just $5. If you would rather donate directly to his attorney, please email me at and I will forward your information on to him.

People of Alabama: Are you paying attention? What are YOU going to do about this? What are you going to do about this ponzi scheme racket in your own court system? I can’t change it for you.

EDIT: We have started a support page on Facebook for Daniel. Please visit and show some support!

You can find Daniel’s GoFundMe page here:

7 thoughts on “Mobile County, Alabama; Baby Racketeering

  1. This is terrible. I often cringe when girls in crisis pregnancy are so angry with their exes or cheating boyfriends that they refuse to even tell them they’re pregnant. I try my best to convince them but I’m in a different province to them, we only chat via whatsapp, and I feel utterly powerless. I can imagine how this would be ‘lovely’ for unscrupulous agencies.

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    1. He won the court of appeals. The prospective adopters took it to the Supreme Court. It’s not available because, in Alabama, all probate proceedings are closed and sealed. How convenient.


      1. But the father should have a copy. Or his attorneys. It’s the (presumably unpublished) probate court order that is being appealed. Is there a gag order too, like the Rossler case? It doesn’t make sense because, at least the way it should happen, the court of appeals issues a written opinion but typically changes the name in the caption to A.B. or D.R. or whatever initials should be put there for confidentiality. Weird.


      2. I’m sure Daniel had a copy that, for obvious reasons, he doesn’t want to make public. Alabama law seals all those records. Not even initials. The appellate court of Mobile County ruled in his favor so the prospective adopters took it to a higher court. I’m assuming that they also got an order preventing him from taking custody until the Supreme Court ruled, which is typical. This was a year and a half ago. When all is said and done maybe Daniel would be willing to share some of these decisions publicly. If you’re wondering exactly what happened because you’d like to help in some way, you can contact Daniel through the Facebook page Bring Daniel’s Son Home.


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