Life in Limbo

My last personal update was in the middle of January so I figured it was time to write again. I've been struggling a bit more with things, in regards to adoption, and I think that getting it all out would be helpful. I am almost finished writing a memoir novella about the time of my … Continue reading Life in Limbo

Saints and Sinners

In the name of transparency for newsworthy events I bring you a case of an adoptive mother seeking out a birthmother via unsolicited messages and attempting to shame that birthmother and make her feel bad about herself. Tina Hammer is a natural and adoptive mother. According to an article published in the Burlington County Times Tina … Continue reading Saints and Sinners

A few months ago I decided to keep an email that I would use to write to IKL.  I thought I could then, later, give her the email address and log in and she would be able to read all the emails if she wanted.  I wish I had thought of it sooner since she … Continue reading