Initial Findings – Adoptee Survey

About halfway through a survey I like to give a glimpse into how the results are forming. This allows everyone to get a little excited and also helps to gather more participants which usually yields more well-rounded results. It seems I am having a more difficult time with getting participants for this survey than I … Continue reading Initial Findings – Adoptee Survey

The Adoptee Survey

I was asked, recently, if I would be willing to do an adoptee survey similar to the one I did for birthmothers. I do not pretend to know the first thing about being an adoptee but I have prepared myself for the questions that I am asking by listening very carefully to other adoptees. I … Continue reading The Adoptee Survey

The DNA Test

For Christmas I got myself a 23andMe DNA test. Some people wondered why. Most people who utilize these tests are extreme genealogy buffs or are in search of biological family. Because of my experiences working as a search angel in various different groups I have been able to develop a deep appreciation for tests such … Continue reading The DNA Test

Preliminary Data – Birthmother Survey

Overwhelmingly, the majority of responders were 26 or more years into being a birthmother. Approximately 34% to be exact. Only 6% were less than one year in. The middle groups of years were somewhat well-rounded.