Mary, Did You Know?

While sitting around playing games on my phone the other day, my youngest daughter started to talk about her upcoming choir concert for school. She was excited to perform the songs they had learned and gave me a sneak peek of the upcoming show. When the preview was over she sighed and said, "Do you … Continue reading Mary, Did You Know?

In the Matter of Carri Stearns

We are all familiar with the case of Carri Stearns and her son, Camden. If you have been living under a rock in the adoption community, please catch up by googling "Carri Stearns" and reading any of the numerous stories that have been published about the unethical and illegal attempted adoption of Camden. I have … Continue reading In the Matter of Carri Stearns

What I Want To Tell You; For IKL

I've used this missing piece of my heart to build something beautiful. Nothing will ever replace you, but I've decided to fight for truth, justice, and for those who have no voice. My greatest fear has always been that you may stumble on my little corner of the Internet and that it may scare you … Continue reading What I Want To Tell You; For IKL