The Letter

I wanted to hold something she had held. I wanted to touch something that had been in her hands. I wanted to see words written from her own hand. A hand that, not so long ago but oh so long ago, I had touched. A hand that I had counted all the fingers on, kissed.

Lost, Then Found.

Well, all I can say is "that was fast." About a week ago I blogged about some of my family's secrets. Hidden in the blog post was a quip about my mother's biological "half" brother that was out there somewhere. We had no last name, no exact birth date, no connection (on paper) to her … Continue reading Lost, Then Found.

Well, Now They Know!

How cliche, eh? Did "Frozen" pop into your head? ¬†Yes, that's what the title of this post is referencing. That beautiful, magical, played out song. I've heard it one too many times as well. Alas, this is the song that inspired today's post. If you have not yet experienced the song, "Let It Go" then … Continue reading Well, Now They Know!