Sincerely Yours No More bundle, perfect, beautiful, needing me, wanting me, all you need..
..self-hating, worthless, lies I tell myself,
that I believe, can’t see, truth..
..society doesn’t want me        to be, judgment and words that cut me, help me cut you..
..out of my life..
..forever severed..
..stranger in the crowd, faceless child of my heart, flesh of my flesh, screaming out loud, you’re all that I need, why’d you abandon me? answer good enough, perfect, beautiful, child of mine..
..self-hating, worthless, lies she tells herself, that she believes, she can’t see the truth..
..stranger of my blood, staring at my own face, in hers, what have I done..’s done.. going back..
..permanently altered, society’s exploitation, goosebumps and feel goods, rainbows and gotcha days, and our broken stories, live in the shadows..

J. Wachowski



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