Saints and Sinners

In the name of transparency for newsworthy events I bring you a case of an adoptive mother seeking out a birthmother via unsolicited messages and attempting to shame that birthmother and make her feel bad about herself. Tina Hammer is a natural and adoptive mother. According to an article published in the Burlington County Times Tina … Continue reading Saints and Sinners

Ambiguous Loss

Adoption always begins with a loss for the birth parents (and the rest of the birth family) as well as for the adoptee. Putting your finger on exactly what is lost can be difficult.

The Birth Relative Monsters

Today I was directed to a blog post that was inspired by Lea Grove's Dear Less Than Perfect Mom.  This blog was written by children's author Kathy Lynn Harris.  Kathy thought that it would be fitting to do her own "adoptive mom" version of "Dear Less Than Perfect Mom."  For the life of me I cannot understand why … Continue reading The Birth Relative Monsters