Don’t Stop Now! #notabravelove #bravelove #notbravelove

A few years ago an organization came on the scene. It was called, "BraveLove." ┬áIt's mission was and is to increase domestic infant adoption in the United States. There have been a few blog posts about it in the past, but now it is a hot button issue. Why? Because this past week they have … Continue reading Don’t Stop Now! #notabravelove #bravelove #notbravelove

Unconditional Love

A love that will stay and persist without limits, without prerequisites. No matter what. To show unconditional love is to put yourself aside for the well-being of someone else. A sacrifice of one's self because of this love. To voluntarily endure pain, hurt, disappointment, and more in the name of this love. To put someone … Continue reading Unconditional Love